Demokratische Zentrumspartei
Democratic Centre Party
Chairperson Markus Scherer
Vice Chairperson Friedrich Herrlein
Secretary-General Katarine Rantzau
Legislative Chair Paul Hiebsch
Legislative Vice Chair Vacant
Nation Hulstria and Gao-Soto
Founded October 7, 3446
Dissolved N/A
Headquarters Kien, Hulstria
Total Membership 402,000
Youth League Democratic Youth
Ideology Centrism, liberalism
Seats in Diet
26 / 750
0 / 5

The Demokratische Zemtrumspartie (Democratic Centre Party; DZP) is a Hulstrian and Gao-Soton political party founded in 3446 in response to what was perceived as the excessive adherence to their respective ideologies of the other parties. The DZP is centrist in terms of economics, but is socially liberal. As a newly founded party, it has a rapidly growing membership but only a small legislative caucus of twenty-six members, most of whom were originally defectors from other parties. The DZP is currently led by Chairman Markus Scherer.


The DZP advocates social liberalism and economic centrism, frequently criticising other parties for allegedly allowing ideology to blind them to pragmatic solutions. The DZP presents itself as a third way party which seeks to unite the best of both sides of the ideological spectrum in terms of economics instead of following a particular ideology; however, in the DZP is staunchly socially liberal and is critical of conservatism. The DZP has no factions of any significance, although many of its members can be classified as left-leaning or right-leaning.


Founding (3446 - 3452)Edit

The DZP was founded in late 3446 by a group of centrists. Several were politicians and others were civil servants; however, many had no previous experience of politics or government. Discussions about founding a new centrist party began early in the year, but did not begin to make significant progress until later on. The party could not be founded in time for the general election, held in August 3446.

The establishment of the party was announced on October 7, 3446. By that time, Gunther Scherer, Mayor of Labsburg, and Friedrich Herrlein, a union leader, had emerged as pre-eminent over the other founders. They were therefore the front-runners for the later leadership contest, which was held in early November. All party members were entitled to vote in the leadership election. Scherer was elected Chairman and Herrlein became Vice Chairman, while experienced civil servant Katarine Rantzau was elected Secretary-General uncontested. Scherer shortly announced the composition of his frontbench.

The DZP rapidly grew in both size and prominence. In April 3447, many members of the Schererite wing of the Allianz für Freiheit (AF), led by Markus Scherer (no relation to Gunther), defected en masse to the DZP. Futher defections followed, most of them by AF members, and some by Sozialdemokratische Arbeiterpartei (SDAP) members. The DZP's legislative caucus soon elected Paul Hiebsch, a defector from the AF, its Chairperson. Meanwhile, Gunther Scherer was elected to the Reichstag in a by-election.

The DZP achieved a number of early legislative victories. The Union Ballots Act 3447 and Transportation Act 3449 notably received unanimous legislative support and was passed by acclamation. The DZP also proposed a "shadow budget" in an attempt to draw attention to what the DZP saw as excessively low government spending on public services; this was strongly criticised by the government. The DZP also played a major role in the failure of the Hosianisch-Demokratisches Verbund (HDV)'s Civil Education Act 3450.

3452 - PresentEdit

In the election of August 3452, despite high initial hopes, the DZP failed to make significant gains, increasing its seat share from sixteen to twenty-six, winning just over two million votes out of sixty-one million. Previously, the election was considered the party's best chance for an early electoral breakthrough. Instead, the far-right Freisinnige Volkspartei (FVP) won an unexpected major victory with almost two-fifths of the vote.

As a result of the DZP's poor electoral performance, confidence in its Chairman, Gunther Scherer, fell. Initially popular, Scherer now suffered from declining support, especially among the party's legislative caucus. In October 3452, Markus Scherer (no relation) provoked a leadership election, held in November. Gunther Scherer declared that if he did not win sixty per cent of the vote in the first round, he would stand aside. Against two challengers, Gunther Scherer failed to win even half of the vote, and resigned. Markus Scherer won narrowly against Deputy Chairman and acting Chairman Friedrich Herrlein to become Chairman.

Shortly after Markus Scherer became Chairman, he reshuffled the frontbench. (Henceforth, unless otherwise stated, "Scherer" will refer to Markus Scherer, not Gunther Scherer.) A second, minor, reshuffled was necessitated by the resignation of Murai Hiraoka as Finance Critic. Hiraoka, as the former Governor of the Imperial Central Bank, was blamed for the interest rate policies that led to the financial crisis of 3453.


Current LeadershipEdit

Office Officeholder Since
National Leadership
Chairperson Markus Scherer Nov 3452
Vice Chairperson Friedrich Herrlein Nov 3446
Secretary-General Katarine Rantzau Aug 3446
Legislative Leadership
Chairperson Paul Heibsch Jun 3448
Vice Chairperson Vacant Aug 3446
Foreign Affairs Mieko Onohara Mar 3447
Internal Affairs Arnold Roehrig Mar 3447
Finance Gunther Scherer Apr 3453
Defence Helmuth Meuhlen Nov 3452
Justice Kristian Herman Apr 3453
Infrastructure and Transport Yoshimatsu Yasukawa Nov 3452
Health and Social Services Katarine Rantzau Mar 3447
Education and Culture Markus Scherer Nov 3452
Science and Technology Paul Hiebsch Jun 3448
Food and Agriculture Nanami Yoshida Mar 3447
Environment and Tourism Sophie Kemper Nov 3452
Trade and Industry Friedrich Herrlein Mar 3447

List of LeadersEdit

Officeholder From To
Vacant Aug 3446 Nov 3446
Gunther Scherer Nov 3446 Nov 3452
Friedrich Herrlein (acting) Nov 3446 Nov 3452
Markus Scherer Nov 3452 Present
Vice Chairperson
Vacant Aug 3446 Nov 3446
Friedrich Herrlein Nov 3446 Present
Katarine Rantzau Aug 3446 Present
Legislative Chairperson
Vacant Aug 3446 Jun 3448
Paul Hiebsch Jun 3448 Present
Legislative Vice Chairperson
Vacant Aug 3446 Present

Electoral resultsEdit

Election Chairperson Votes % Swing Seats % Change Swing
Aug 3446 N/A 25,483 0.04% +0.04% 0 0.00% ±0 ±0.00%
The DZP had not been founded at the time of the election; however, some, who were aware of the ongoing discussions on establishing a centrist party, cast write-in votes for the DZP under various names.
Aug 3452 N/A 2,207,688 3.62% +3.58% 26 3.47% +10 +1.33%
The DZP increased its seat share from sixteen (all defectors) to twenty-six, and increase of ten. However, relative to the previous election, the DZP had gained twenty-six seats.
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