'The Aldurian Republic Empire'
Imperial Flag
Motto:Dieu et mon droit,Vivi Villayn

And did those feet in ancient time Walk upon Alduria's mountain green? And was the holy Lamb of God On Alduria's pleasant pastures seen? And did the countenance divine Shine forth upon our clouded hills? And was Jerusalem builded here Among those dark satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold! Bring me my arrows of desire! Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold! Bring me my chariot of fire! I will not cease from mental fight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, Till we have built Jerusalem In Alduria's green and pleasant land.


Squibble Alduria

Bendiri, Harkonia, Monadalat, New Bendiri, Zanyal Valley
Government Type Constitutional Monarchy
His Imperial Excellency, Emperor Philippe I of Luthori and III of Alduria, Prince of Orange & Yodukan
Head of State Party Pretender to the Aldurian throne
Language French (OOC: English)
Capital Aldur City
Largest City Aldur City
Population 217,592,098
Density 111.22 people / km²
Founded 2072
Currency Aldurian Pound
Currency Abbreviation ALP
Sport Football (Soccer)
Animal Tiger
Nation ID Number:29

Government of the Republic Empire Edit

The Government is made up of 4 braches, that work off of each-other in a checks and balances system. The Branches are

  • 1. The Head of State=The Imperial Court/the Emperor
  • 2. The Head of Government=The Chief Representative of the Imperial Senate
  • 3. The Legislature=The Imperial Senate
  • 4. The Supreme Court

1. The Emperor is the symbol of the Republic Empire. He is the constant variable in the ever changing political sphere and is there to protect the Constitution and the people of the Republic Empire. He is the Commander and Chief of the Military and gains seats in the Senate by the vote of the People(he nor the Imperial Court can ever serve in a Cabinet.) The Emperor appoints the Prime Minister, who serves as the offical speaker of the Imperial Court besides the Imperial Court and the Emperor themseleves. He/she is also the head advisor to the Emperor and is the person who runs the Imperial Buracruacy.(Is not a member of the cabinet.) The Emperor also gets to appoint the Imperial Military Chancellor who runs the military and is is the highest ranking General. The Emperor might be Commander and Chief of the Military, but it is the Chancellor that works with the Minister of Defense and organizes all the Imperial Legions. The Defense Minister does all the paper work, but the Chancellor runs the military and advises the Emperor on military matters.(Is not a member of the cabinet.)

Within the frames of Political Science, the government of Alduria has been referred to as, and could be defined as, a model of a principate

Name Coronated Reign Ended Era of Monarch Imperial Dynasty
King James I 2150 2178 Kingdom Stuart
(de jure) King James II ? 2259 Kingdom/Republic Stuart
Emperor John Stuart I 2490 2502 Republic/Empire Stuart
Emperor Philippe Villayn I 2502 2539 Empire/Republic Empire Villayn-Stuart
Emperor Philippe Villayn II 2539 2600 Republic Empire Aldurian-Luthorian(Villayn-Orange)
Emperor Philippe Villayn I of Luthori & III of Alduria 2600 2638(Aldurian pretender 2617-2638) Republic Empire-Empire /Confederation-Empire Aldurian-Luthorian(Villayn-Orange)
Empress Josephine Villayn I of Luthori & Alduria 2638 2655(Aldurian pretender 2638-2655) Confederation-Empire Aldurian-Luthorian(Villayn-Orange)
Emperor Emperor Henry I of Luthori, Hulstria & Alduria, Grand Duke of Trigunia 2655 present Confederation-Empire Aldurian-Luthorian(Villayn-Orange)

The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace 2

The Imperial Palace "Palace de Loirissaín" located just outside Aldur City

The Imperial Palace of the Aldurian Monarchy, Palace de Loirissaín due to the small town that is located just to the north of the palace, is located just 5 miles outside the Imperial Capital Aldur City. The Imperial Palace was originally raised in year 1784 by the Verrician Archduke Leópold IV. When the Verrician Grand Duchy fell to pieces in the liberal revolutions of the 19th century, the palace was made into a public property greatly cherished by the city councils in Aldur City. Following the Aldurian National Unification of year 2072, the palace was restored to its former glory. In the chaos of the Marqúes Queendom, and following the establishment of the Second Aldurian Republic, the Loirissaín began to be neglected, and in year 2490 the Emperor John Stuart I moved into the palace, it had been all but abandoned. Bats lived in the upper roofs, the sellers had been flooded and all kinds of swampy things were growing there. It was taken upon the Imperial Chancellor Dana Villayn and the Emperor to renovate the Palace, and by 2514 the palace had been completely renovated. When Emperor Philippe Villayn II took the Imperial Throne, the palace was opened up to the public so that he could see his people, and serve them better. The Palace is known for its beautiful gardens, and elegant rooms that may foreign ambassadors have called, the pearl of Southern Seleya.

Prime Minister Years in Office
Grand Duke Matthus Finus 2514-2521
Archduke Paul von Hindenburg 2521-2561
Duke Fredérick Varanzý 2561-2574
Duke Viktor Klaus 2574-2601
Archduke Masimo Victor Renaldi 2601-2617
Position abolished by collapse of government. 2617-present

Imperial Military Chancellor Years in Office
Archduke Danan Villayn 2497-2511
Count James Patrick 2511-2538
Baron Konrad von Grask 2538-2584
Archduke Adrien Pelloux 2584-2615
Baron Oscar Cairassín 2615-2617
Position abolished by collapse of government. 2617-present

The Imperial Senate

The Imperial Senate is the Legislature body of the Aldurian Republic Empire. It is the main political force and power in the Empire. The Senate is made up of 750 seats, with the people voting on Senators and the Imperial power of the Emperor. Each Senator gets one vote, and the amount of seats that the people give to the Emperor determine how much of a vote he gets in the Senate. The Senate is led by the Head of the Aldurian Republic Empire's Government, the Chief Representative of the Imperial Senate. Every 4 years a new election is given to determine the new Head of Government, the Senators, and the amount of power the Emperor will have. The Imperial Chambers that house the Senate today were renovated during the Philippian II era, and became one of the most famous icons of his rule.

The Imperial Senate Chambers

The Imperial Senate Chambers in Aldur City

Chief Representative of the Imperial Senate (CRIS) Years in Office
Duke Fredérick Varanzý (LYA) 2538-2554
Jean DuCroix (LYA-NAP) 2554-2559
Duke Viktor Klaus (ASLA) 2559-2564
Baron Franz Koenig (NNFP) 2564-2569
Duke Heinrich Boeger (TFP) 2569-2577
Baron Franz Koenig (NNFP) 2577-2582
Duke Heinrich Boeger (TFP) 2582-2607
Archduke Adolf Hartmann (NNFP) 2607-2609
Stephen D'eon (NBM) 2609-2610
Luc Gunray (RPR) 2610-2617
Position abolished by collapse of government. 2617-present

Armed forces of the Republic Empire Edit

The Grand Imperial Army of the Aldurian Republic Empire Updated 2577

Imperial soldiers

Imperial Legionaries in Formal Uniforms

Force Numbers
The Imperial Army: 1,165,500 Men, divided on 10 legions. 810,500 troops in reserves.
The Imperial Air Force: 300 Bombers, 500 Fighters, 75 Interceptors.
The Imperial Navy: 40 Heavy Battleships, 60 corvettes, 60 frigates, 5 Aircraft Carrier, 45 Subs
The Imperial Mechanised Corps: 80 Heavy Tanks, 170 Light Tanks, 20 Rocket artillery pieces
Imperial Aries Forces 500,000 made, but only 250,000 in use have 2 Legions of 125,000 Aries in all.
Imperial Leo Forces 200,000 made, but only 100,000 in use have 2 Legions of 50,000 Leos in all.
The Imperial Guard: 5,000 Men.
Nuclear capability: Unknown, but an estimated 50 nukes in possession.
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