House of Stuart-Villayn
Imperial Crest
Founding December 1480
  • Stuart line by King James Stuart I
  • Villayn line by Emperor Philippe I
Head of House Henri I
  • King (1480-2490)
  • Emperor (2490-present)
Family Palace
Ethnicity Aldurian
Motto Vive Villayn et Vive Alduria
Family Colors Imperial Gold & Blue
Senior Lines



Introduction Edit

The House of Stuart-Villayn is the reigning imperial dynasty in Empire Republicàin d'Alduria, and has reigned during a combined length of over 70 years (and over 90 years if the presidencies of Danan Villayn and John Stuart which brought down the Etát d'Alduria are accounted for). That is the longest reign of the same political faction in Aldurian history.

During the leadership of the Stuart-Villayns, Alduria has been turned from a peripheral and insignificant republic into a full-fledged great power which exerts tremendous soft and hard influence over Terra.

The Stuart Kings Edit

Name Portrait Coronated Reign Ended Era of Monarch Royal Dynasty

The Stuart-Villayn Emperors Edit

Name Portrait Coronated Reign Ended Era of Monarch Imperial Dynasty
Emperor John Stuart I John Stuart 2490 2502 Etát d'Alduria/Le Premier Empire

(Free State of Alduria/First Aldurian Empire)

Emperor Philippe Villayn I PhilippeI 2502 2539 Le Premier Empire/Empire Republicàin

(First Aldurian Empire/Aldurian Republic Empire)

Emperor Philippe Villayn II Philippevillaynii 2539 2600 Empire Republicàin

(Aldurian Republic Empire)


Following the death of Philippe II, his son, Emperor Philip I of Luthor and III of Alduria (Philip being Philippe in Luthorian), became the Emperor of Alduria and Luthori. Holding the two nations in Dynastic Union. Because so, the Stuart-Villayn line, became known as the "Orange Dynasty, Stuart-Villayn Branch", or more commonly known as the House of Orange-Villayn. However, even later down the road, with the crowning of Henri I (Henry in Luthori and Heinrich in Hulstrian), the Stuart Villayn line would become a Sub Branch, under the Cadet Branch of the House of Orange-Villayn for the House of Rothingren-Traugott, which became the "Dynasty Name" of Alduria. The Family currently rules in four nations (Luthori, Alduria, Hulstria & Trigunia) with several other titles in other nations, not to mention the Colonies of the nations they rule over in a Dynastic Union. The official name of the Dynasty is now “The Imperial Dynasty of Rothingren-Traugott, Orange-Villayn Branch, Villayn-Stuart Line".

The emblems and court procedure of the Villayn-Stuart Dynasty Edit

Unlike other imperial dynasties of Terra, the Stuart-Villayns have not yet developed a strict court fashion and not even an imperial emblem. Instead of poising themselves like superhuman rulers who are rarely ever seen except on stylised court paintings, the Stuart-Villayns are frequently seen dressed in civilian clothes and Military Uniforms.

This could seem odd, but the ideological basis for Republican Imperialism is that the sovereign rather than being appointed by God rules by popular consent and acts as a representative of popular will, a model which has proved to be tremendously successful.

On the other hand, the civil customs of the Empire Republicàin, as they were developed under Philippe Villayn I put an emphasis on what some people refer to as a "cult of personality" of the sovereign, culminating in the official legislation of the "Vivi Villayn" greeting in 2557, after being informally used since the reign of Philippe I, and even earlier during the late Etát d'Alduria period.

Within the frames of Political Science, the government of Alduria has been referred to as a principate

Tree of LineageEdit


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