Kirlawan People's Justice Party (KPJP)
Leader Eithne Thornton
Founded January 2532
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Ihmetellä, Dirguzia, Kirlawa
Nation Kirlawa
Ideology Populism; see text
Political Position Fiscal: Left
Social: Center-right
International Affiliations Kirlawan Leftist Coalition
Colours F400A1
Website www.kpjp.kl and www.peoples-justice.kl

Founded in January 2532, the Kirlawan People's Justice Party (KPJP), a major political party in Kirlawa, aim to be pretty centrist overall. On some issues Left, on other ones Nationalist; generally secular or religiously neutral, moderately isolationist. To the extent that we are able, pro-small-business and anti-big-business. We steadfastly oppose both neoliberalism and neoconservatism.


KPJP have been influenced by these ideas, among others:

and more.
With such a great number of influences, it is difficult to summarize KPJP's approach in only one word, to fit in the infobox. The relatively loose term Populist might be best.

Cornerstone issuesEdit

Like virtually all political parties, KPJP certainly hold opinions on many issues, but the three which we feel the most strongly about are:


Despite being an isolationist, closed-borders party, KPJP are surprisingly popular among recent immigrants to Kirlawa ... sometimes more so than among people whose ancestors have lived in Kirlawa for centuries. In seeking to interpret this counterintuitive observation, some have drawn parallels to the phenomenon of "the fervor of the new convert".

Political ideology surveys and quizzesEdit

Political MatrixEdit

Economic score: -3.03
Social score: +0.43
Your score pegs you as economically moderately leftist and socially centrist.
Moderate economic leftists generally support regulation of free trade and business to assure that workers are fairly treated and prices remain stable.
Social centrists generally believe in a mix of individual liberties and controls, corresponding to what they see as moral or best for society.

Political CompassEdit

Economic Left/Right: -5.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: +0.51

Political GaugeEdit

On Non-Fiscal Issues, you rank as a Centrist (51).
On Fiscal Issues, you rank as a Moderate Leftist (38).
Your score is on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being fully left and 100 being fully conservative.
(The page uses the term "liberal", which means different things in different regions; I've substituted the unambiguous term "left" instead.)

1 left/right -2.0392 (-0.1227)
For comparison, the page suggests Ken Livingstone -8.5, Tony Benn -7.6, Charles Kennedy -6.5, Michael Howard +5.4, Margaret Thatcher +6.3.

2 pragmatism -2.3798 (-0.1432)
Further toward the idealistic end (minus end) of this axis than any of the famous political figures listed on the page; closest is Tony Benn at -2.1.

Your scored -1 on Moral Order and +3 on Moral Rules.
Ideology: Social Democratic
Of the 449,417 respondents so far:

  • 7% are close to you.
  • 37% are more conservative than you.
  • 37% are more liberal than you.
  • 11% are more socialist than you.
  • 3% are more authoritarian than you.


Region Eight ("South" here refers to the southern one-ninth of the land of Politopia)

Pew Research typology quizEdit

closest to "Disadvantaged Democrat"
also some similarities to "Disaffected"

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