Kristen Social Demokratisk Partiet
Leader Sklaer Anderson (2629-Present)
Founded 2629
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Headquarters Hafleikr
Nation Kazulia
Ideology Christian Democracy

Christian Socialism

Social Democracy


Political Position Left
International Affiliations Alliance of the Christian Left
International Social Democrats

International Greens

International Democratic Christians

Dovani Union

Alliance for the Promotion of Life

World Anti-Slavery Union

Christian League

Socialist League

International Religious Democrats

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The Kristen Social Demokratisk Partiet was founded in 2629 by a group of political and Christian activists in the nation of Kazulia. This group was lead by Sklaer Anderson, Scholastika Cayly, Sakarias Baum, and Claes Hurst. Although the party had many years of difficulty at the start, they garnered a number of strong supporters right off the bat, and many of these people later became ministers in the Kazulian cabinet, after the party gained popularity. To this day, the party stands strong and strives for the spread of democracy through God's love and the Lord's son, Jesus Christ, our savior.


The Kristen Social Demokratisk has an interesting history, as it faced many strange hardships along the way. Behind the walls of this party lie a morbid past.

Founding of a PartyEdit

On the 20th of April, in 2591, the nation of Kazulia has just undergone a transformation. It had stepped out of its old shell and into the lines of democracy. Scholastika Cayly, who would one day lead the nation as a Stassjef, was born. Scholastika grew up during the revolution against the monarchy and witnessed many events, such as the ratification of the Democracy, Freedom and the Abolition of the Monarchist Movement treaty. It wasn't easy though. Because of this sudden change, people were in tough times. Communism was loose. As Cayly grew up, she lived for ten years under the shadow of communism. It was a good life, as they were given a house and were provided with the basic essentials of life, but something wasn't right. There was something between God and her family. Communism. She never knew God. All she had known was communism. They taught her that it was a good thing. They taught her that God was just a lie created to trick people into believing in love. Scholastika never thought much about it, until the year 2602, when on her 11th birthday, there was a strange silence about the nation. Communism had vanished. The government had disappeared over night. As Scholastika took a look about the empty streets, she vowed that communism would never get in her way again. She vowed that, from that day on, she would help people become equal, together in one nation, without the iron grip of communism. The next few months were peaceful. Churches sprang up here and there, and bells began to ring on Sunday. Scholastika Cayly never knew what a church was, until she curiously payed a visit one day. She had remembered what the communists had told her about religion, but she hated the communists. Eventually, she grew close to god, and once again vowed. This time, she vowed to spread God's love all around the world, and so began her campaign. She met up with many other who has stories similiar to hers. During the years she attended Dove University in Thorgerd, she met Sklaer Anderson, a student who had moved from a Celtic community in western Alduria to attend the university. The two also joined up with Sakarias Baum and Claes Hurst after meeting them at a church that Cayly had visited to spread information about her program. Baum and Hurst were childhood friends who had grown up in a communist Kazulia also. The 4 of them worked hard to spread equality and democracy through God's love and eventually founded an organization in 2620 that helped the impoverished through social means. This organization gained a strong amount of media attention and drew in many supporters, and eventually, Cayly, Baum, Hurst, and Anderson decided to begin a political party. In 2629, the Kristen Social Demokratisk Partiet (Christian Social Democratic Party) was started. They aimed to fight for equality, God's compassion, and the truth- the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

The Party's Rise to PowerEdit

After watching as the Revolutionary Committee of Kazulia, originally named the Red Army Faction, immediately shot their way up to power and popularity in 2639, the Kristen Social Demokratisk Partiet took to a new strategy to gain support. The party's politicians immediatlely went to work creating a good base of supporters and began to win many elections on local levels, and by 2641, their strategy had started to kick in. The support for the party was continuously growing, and in the December election, the party won 64 seats. As popularity rose for the party's values, so did the number of seats the party held. By 2645, the party held over 100 of the 500 seats, and that number continued to grow, leading into the second half of the 27th century.

Fixing a Broken NationEdit

General Party InformationEdit

Number of Representatives in StoringetEdit

Month, Year Number of Votes Total Number of Votes Percentage of Votes Number of Seats Total Number of Seats Percentage of Seats
June, 2629 117,306 150,539,991 0.08 0 500 0.00
December, 2631 115,840 149,128,473 0.08 0 500 0.00
June, 2634 90,544 149,888,132 0.06 0 500 0.00
December, 2636 92,781 147,513,558 0.06 0 500 0.00
June, 2639 83,897 151,622,752 0.06 0 500 0.00
December, 2641 19,652,945 150,877,010 13.03 64 500 12.80
March, 2643 23,348,112 148,287,582 15.75 78 500 15.60
September, 2645 37,832,291 152,971,219 24.73 124 500 24.80
March, 2648 45,710,640 150,104,518 30.45 150 500 30.00
September, 2650 62,528,756 155,097,849 40.32 203 500 40.60
March, 2653 47,401,553 158,186,867 29.97 151 500 30.20
September, 2655 46,210,527 154,271,230 29.95 150 500 30.00
March, 2658 31,380,000 156,546,159 20.05 102 500 20.40
September, 2660 42,554,216 143,933,629 29.57 149 500 29.80
March, 2663 49,595,957 143,484,520 34.57 174 500 34.80
September, 2665 49,279,866 144,825,737 34.03 171 500 34.20

Political CompassEdit

Relationship with Other PartiesEdit

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Factions Within the PartyEdit

Party Ideologies and Goals/PlatformEdit

Party IdeologiesEdit

Social DemocracyEdit

Christian SocialismEdit


Party Goals/PlatformEdit

Party Politicians and LeadersEdit

Former/Current StassjefsEdit

Scholastika CaylyEdit

Former/Current StatsministersEdit

Sakarias BaumEdit

Former/Current Party LeadersEdit

Sklaer AndersonEdit

Other Important Political FiguresEdit

Jaakko EberlyEdit

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