Small Arms Edit

Name Type Origin Notes
Pistol 90 Semi-automatic pistol TelamonFlag Telamon 9x19 mm Parabellum
Kulsprutepistol 10 Submachine Gun TelamonFlag Telamon 6.5×25 and 9×19mm(CBJ-MS)
Automatkarbin 1 (AK 1) Assault Rifle TelamonFlag Telamon AK 5
Automatkarbin 2 (AK 2) Bullpup Assault Rifle TelamonFlag Telamon 5,56x45 mm
Prickskyttegevär 10 Sniper Rifle TelamonFlag Telamon 7,62 mm
Automatgevär 3 Heavy Sniper Rifle TelamonFlag Telamon 12,7 x 99 mm
Kulspruta 89 Machine Gun TelamonFlag Telamon 5,56x45 mm 
Kulspruta 90 Machine Gun TelamonFlag Telamon 7,62*51 mm
Kulspruta 91 Heavy Machine Gun TelamonFlag Telamon 12,7x 99 mm
Granatgevär Karl Recoilless rifle TelamonFlag Telamon Carl Gustav
Granatspruta 40 mm Grenade launcher TelamonFlagTelamon 40 mm grenades
Pansarskott 100 Anti-tank weapon TelamonFlagTelamon AT4
RBS 66 Man-portable anti-tank weapon TelamonFlagTelamon BILL 2
RBS 67 MBT LAW TelamonFlagTelamon MBT LAW
RBS 80 MANPADS TelamonFlagTelamon RBS 70 NG

Ground Edit

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
Stridsvagn 144 Main Battle Tank 400 TelamonFlag Telamon From the Stridsvagn 2000-project
Stridsvagn 144B Main Battle Tank 800 TelamonFlag Telamon Upgraded version of the Stridsvagn 144
Stridsvagn 93 (license produced in Telamon) Main battle tank 250
Augustan zardugal 2
M1A2 Abrams
Combat Vehicle 9240LTM Light tank 160 TelamonFlag Telamon CV-90 series
Blida FH88BW L52 Artillery System Self-propelled artillery 40 TelamonFlag Telamon Archer Artillery System
FH 88 Howitzer Howitzer 40 TelamonFlag Telamon FH77
Kingfisher RBS 16KA Surface-to-Sea Coastal Battery (mobile) 60 TelamonFlag Telamon RBS-15KA
Combat Vehicle 9240AMS Self-propelled howitzer 80 TelamonFlag Telamon CV90 AMOS
Vihr' Anti-aircraft artillery (mobile) 20 Trigunflag Trigunia Tungsuka
PVO-11 Anti-aircraft artillery (mobile) 19 Trigunflag Trigunia Panstir-S1
TAMAS Air defense system (mobile) 60 TelamonFlag Telamon BAMSE
Combat Vehicle 9240SR-AA(40mm cannon) Anti-aircraft artillery (mobile) 60 TelamonFlag Telamon CV-90 series
Combat Vehicle 9240SAM (40mm autocannon and RBS 80 Launchers) Anti-aircraft artillery (mobile) 60 TelamonFlag Telamon CV-90 series with RBS-70 NG Launchers
Combat Vehicle 9240 Infantry Fighting Vehicle 1400 TelamonFlag Telamon CV-9040c with Bill 2 launchers
Patgb 480 Armored Modular Vehicle (APC) 300 TelamonFlag Telamon Patria AMV
PBV-304 Infantry Mobility Vehicle (APC) 475 TelamonFlag Telamon PBV-302
BVS20 All Terrain Armoured Vehicle 500 TelamonFlag Telamon BvS 10
Polzin-5576 Utility transport 357 Trigunflag Trigunia Ural-5323
RAZ-3277 Utility vehicle 223 Trigunflag Trigunia GAZ-2975
FOLVO Multi Purpose Truck Utility Multipurpose Truck 1100 TelamonFlag Telamon VOLVO FMX


Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service Notes
Fighter aircraft
Taab JAS 41 Gyrfalcon TelamonFlag Telamon Multirole A(Single seat) 300 Gripen NG
Taab JAS 41 Gyrfalcon TelamonFlag Telamon Multirole B(Dual seat) 20 Gripen NG
Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service Notes
Alkaev 99 Trigunflag Trigunia Command and control Alkaev 99 1 Il-80
Taab 350 TelamonFlag Telamon AWACS Sven 350 12 Saab 340
Alkaev 90 Trigunflag Trigunia Aerial refueling Alkaev 90 3 Il-78
Aust 10 TelamonFlag Telamon Strategic transport Aust 10 20 An-12
Markovic 85 TelamonFlag Telamon Strategic bomber Markovic 85 3 Tu-95
Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service Notes
Hkp 12
Augustan zardugal 2
Transport Hkp 12 70 UH-60M
Pvhkp 2
Augustan zardugal 2
Attack helicopter Pvhkp 2 100 AH-64
Hkp 11
Augustan zardugal 2
Transport Hkp 11 50 V-22 Ospery
Hkp 10 Trigunflag Trigunia VIP helicopter, light transport La-70 57 Ka-60


Class Identification # of ships Origin Notes
Telapolis-class Corvette K100 - K117 17 TelamonFlag Telamon Swedish Stockholm-class
Hruban-class Corvette K118 - K129 12 TelamonFlag Telamon Göteborg class corvette
Niklasson-class Corvette K130 - K137 7 TelamonFlag Telamon Visby-class corvette
Perlezia-class Corvette K138 - K148 10 TelamonFlag Telamon Visby-class corvette Modified to hold SR/MR-SAM and/or cruise missiles, a bit larger than the Visby, but similar looks.
Sokolov-class Frigate F149 - F159 10 Trigunflag Trigunia Russian Sergei Gorshkov-class frigate
Rassvet-class Frigate F160 - F169 9 Trigunflag Trigunia Russian Neustrashimy-class frigate
BB-97 CB1 - CB43 43 TelamonFlag Telamon Swedish CB90
Sevescia-class submarine (Diesel electric) UBS-1 - UBS-10 10 TelamonFlag Telamon Gotland-class
Lirona-class submarine

(Diesel electric)

UBL-11 - UBL-22 12 TelamonFlag Telamon A26 Submarine
Schwerer Öltanker 351 TRF300 - TRF305 5 Neueflagge-2 Dundorf German Rhon-class
Type 138 A309 1 Neueflagge-2 Dundorf German Oste-class
Type 456 TRF306 - TRF308 3 Neueflagge-2 Dundorf German Berlin-class
Grimati-class mine countermeasure vessel M400 - M405 5 TelamonFlag Telamon Swedish Koster-class
Warren-class Amphibious Assault Ship AMF700 - 704 4 TelamonFlag Telamon Fictional

Radar Edit

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
TAHR(Telamonese Artillery Hunting Radar) Artillery Hunting Radar 30 TelamonFlag Telamon ARTHUR
Girafour Radar System RADAR 40 TelamonFlag Telamon GIRAFFE
Eireye Radar System Airborn Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) Unknown TelamonFlag Telamon Erieye

Old Equipment in active use Edit

Ground Edit

Name Type Quantity Origin Notes
T-92 "Volk" Main battle tank 179 Trigunflag Trigunia T-80
Desantnaya Mashina Podderzhki-3 Light Infantry fighting vehicle 95 Trigunflag Trigunia BMD-3
SHA-2 Self-propelled artillery 39 Trigunflag Trigunia 2S19 Msta
Stridsfordon 91 Infantry Fighting Vehicle 215 TelamonFlag Telamon CV-90

Air Edit

Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service Notes
Fighter aircraft
Sven JAS 40 TelamonFlag Telamon Multirole Sven JAS 103 Saab JAs 39
Sven 33 TelamonFlag Telamon Attack-fighter Sven 33 73 Saab 32 Lansen
Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service Notes
La-10 Trigunflag Trigunia Transport La-10 73 Mi-8
La-24 Trigunflag Trigunia Attack helicopter La-24 112 Mi-24

Planned Projects Edit

Project Stridsvagn 144 "Sledgehammer"

Warren-class Amphibious Assault Ship

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