The Armed Forces of Dorvik maintain state of the art, modern equipment to outfit the various branches of the Dorvish Armed Forces.

Land systemsEdit

Name Picture Inventory (and variants) Manufacturer
Leopard 2
Main battle tank
German Leopard 2A7+ and Lepoard 2 PSO
Leopard 2A7+
Leopard 2 PSO
Theil-Hassel Technologies GmbH
Puma IFV
Infantry fighting vehicle
German Puma IFC
NA Kasmetall AG
Boxer AFV
Armored fighting vehicle
German GTK Boxer
Boxer (APC)

Boxer CP (Command)
Boxer AMB (Ambulance)
Boxer GNGP (Engineering and logistics)
Boxer Cargo (Transportation)

Kasmetall AG
LAPV "Enok"
Armored car
German LAPV Enok
Associated variants TBD
All-Protected Transport Vehicle "Dingo"
MRAP (Light) Infantry mobility vehicle
German ATF Dingo
Associated variants Theil-Hassel Technologies GmbH
Light Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle
German Fennek
NA Theil-Hassel Technologies GmbH
THT "Grizzly"
MRAP (Medium) infantry mobility vehicle
German KMW Grizzly
Associated variants Theil-Hassel Technologies GmbH
LIV (SO) "Serval"
Light utility vehicle
German LIV (SO) Serval
NA Kasmetall AG
Mungo ESK
Airmobile multi-role transport
German Mungo ESK
NA Theil-Hassel Technologies GmbH
MRAP transportation vehicle
German YAK
Associated variants Kasmetall AG
PzH 2000
Self-propelled artillery
German PzH 2000
NA Theil-Hassel Technologies GmbH

Air and air defense systemsEdit

Naval systemsEdit

The Dorvish Navy currently maintains a ship of 64 ships with an additional 10 Kordusian-class frigates on the way by 4032 to bring the total to 74 ships.

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