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Hulstrian Nationalism

Nationalsozialistische Hulsterreichische Arbeiterpartei
Edward Stalhelm

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Grand Alliance of Fascist, National Socialists and Authoritarian Anti-Communists

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Schutzstaffel (SS) Ritterlichenfront
Hulsterreichische Jugend

The Nationalsozialistische Hulsterreichische Arbeiterpartei is a movement which attempts to represent all racial Hulstrians regardless of class, and as such divides itself into different divisions, each respecting a different section of Hulstrian Soceity. At present, there exists a Workers Division (Reichsarbeitsfront) a Bourgeois Division (Mittelschichtfront) a Aristocratic Division (Ritterlichenfront) which strive together for a Hulstrian Soceity united and freed from the eternal bickering of the Constitutional Monarchist system. NSHAP ideology stresses the failures of communism, liberalism, and democracy. It also stresses the "racial purity of the Hulstrian people" and seeks to persecute those it perceives either as race enemies or Lebensunwertes Leben, that is "life unworthy of living". This includes [[Jews]], the Terran Catholic Church, and Gao-Showa along with homosexuals, the mentally and physically disabled, Communists and others.
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