Workers' Party of Dolgaria
Workers party
Leader Kyung-Ho Haek
Founded 2557
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Devanter, Kirzon Valley
Nation Dolgaria
Ideology Nationalism [1]/ Communism [2]
Political Position Extreme Left
International Affiliations None
Colours FF 00 00
Website None

The Workers' Party of Dolgaria (WPD) is a Communist party. It was founded in 2557 with the intention of creating a great, independent Dolgaria with a powerful State and a more equitable society.

Founder Edit


Kyung-Ho Haek in a mural based at WPD HQ

Kyung-Ho Haek, leader of the WPD, was born into a farming family of Korean minority origin, and they neither very poor nor comfortably well-off, but was always a step away from poverty. He was raised in a Protestant Christian family with strong ties to the church: his maternal grandfather was a Protestant minister, his father had gone to a missionary school, and both his parents were reportedly very active in the religious community. When his father died, he became interested in Communist ideology, especially Maoist communism that stressed the importance of the agrarian worker. Rgather than carry on the family farm, he left this to his brothers, and set off to study in the capital.

At university, Kyung-Ho associated with other radical communists. He became involved in several militant student groups, and proved himself as both hot-headed and a capable leader. Reports of his rages were as common as his intelligence, and his peers both feared as respected him.

After a brief stint in the military as a Junior Officer, Kyung-Ho return to Dolgaria to pursue a career in radical politics, hoping to overthrow representative democracy in favour of a more centralised society.

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