Mendhiel Vasputcheiin

Founder of Humanics, Mendhiel Vasputcheiin. 2474-2553

Humanics (more commonly known as The Cult of Man) was invented by

Mendhiel Vasputcheiin in 2497. Mendhiel, a former politician and Lutheran pastor was in a state mental institution in Hutori when he first began forming what he called "The ten essential facts" which state thus:

1. I have not seen a deity nor a demon

2. I have not seen anyone receive help from either of them

3. I have seen men and women of many races

4. I have seen man give help to man

5. I have not seen a miracle performed by the power of any deity or demon

6. I have seen miracles performed by science, which comes from man

7. We worship that which we believe will protect us and bless us

8. No deity or demon has blessed or protected us

9. Man has protected man

10. Thus, we shall worship the unity and power of man

Upon his release from the institution in 2504, Vasputcheiin moved to Telamon where his teachings brought him a moderate following amongst some parts of the atheist crowd in Ferene and Lirona. The group developed into a semi-religious political cult of sorts and eventually settled down in Ironia. It was here that the groups writings and teachings were adopted by the fledgling Humanic Republicanist Party (originally the Republicanist Party before adopting the teachings of Humanics).

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