Šambalismus is a religion ideology based on a moral and thought-based complex and based on faith. It's origins are unknown, but it is a politheist ideology. They believe in supernatural beings called Šami.

Šambala theory Edit

Šambalismus has no commandments of the type of the Ten Commandments of God, and it believes in the power of an individual, which has to believe in Šami. The power of that individual is called Šambala. Šambala is a highly energetic substance that can not be physically or chemically found. It is based on the brain of the Šami (itself creates it), it's the energy mass for the power of the individual. According to the religion, the more power of the individual you have, the stronger your personality is.

Šami are supernatural beings who are created by faith in them by an individual. If no one believes in Šami, it will cease. Individuals who believe in them should provide support and Šambala. If you do a crime against that company, you'll become weaker. The reasons are that others will break you (mentally or physically) and at the same time you don't have enough Šambala to resist, because they will take you by the Šami, your brain can't let it out. The singles who are overwhelming the Šambala are called the Šajanové (Titans).

Company ideology Edit

Companies are like religious tribes. The Companies have to associate the individuals with something similar, and they should lead the strongest individuals who do not lead other companies (if possible). The society is different from anything else, every company wants something else (the balance can never happen), the individuals belonging to that company should do the best for this company. If an individual belongs to multiple companies, he should benefit both. Some companies, if they are strong, must have the instinct of self-preservation (to limit the power of strong individuals who threaten the company), but they all depend on structure, ideology and number. Companies with this system should prevent an individual from dominating more powerful companies. Companies should always recognize the freedom and the rights of each individual, and should be recognized by indiiduals but not by other companies. Companies can receive and eject individuals (someone has the power to do so) and they can have their own rules.

Individual rights Edit

Individuals have the right to be a member of a company and to leave it, the right to acquire Šambala from the Šami (so you must believe in it), the right to decide, right to act, the right to not use Šambala (so you don't believe in Šami), the right of existence and recognition by other individuals and societies and the right or duty to recognize a company.

Šambalismus in Terra Edit

- This religion ideology is promoted by the Šambalistické Deltárské Bratstvo party in Deltáská Říša (Deltarian Empire).

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