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Winning Party in each Seleyan Union Member State

The formation of the 4616 Seleyan Union Assembly was the selection of representatives from each of the 8 Seleyan Union member states. 15 seats were allocated to each member state, states then allocated seats to national parties using a proportional system based on that nation's most recent election results.

This was the first Seleyan Union Assembly formation since the accession of Saridan to the Seleyan Union in 4615, adding an additional 15 seats to the Assembly and increasing the total available to 120. The result saw the socialists and social democrats remain the largest constituency in the Assembly, extending their relative majority over the conservative and liberal Assembly Members.

Next formation formation shall take place in the summer of 4620.

Election Edit

Socialists and Social Democrats increased their share by 8 seats, to 46. Conservatives and Liberals saw their numbers increase by 1, to 38.

Far Right and Far Left Parties also increased their share. The number of seats allocated to Nationalist parties rose from 7 to 11. The number for Far Left/Communist parties rose from 8 to 10.

Aldegar, like Kanjor in 4612, left their seats vacant. These are shown in black.

SeleyanUnionAssembly 4616
Seleyan Uniona 4616

Political Affliation Seats Percentage Change
Socialists, Social Democrats and Greens 46 43.8% Increase 1.6%
Conservatives and Liberals 38 36.1% Decrease 4%
Nationalists 11 10.4% Increase 2.7%
Communists and Socialist Workers 10 9.5% Increase 1.6%

4616 Results By Member State Edit


Political Party Percentage Seats
N/A 0% Vacant Seats


Political Party Percentage Seats
Parti Nationaliste 29.00% 5
Parti Social-Démocrate 27.40% 4
Parti Socialiste Populaire 24.40% 4
Parti Conservateur National 11.40% 1
Parti Socialiste Républicaine d'Aldurie 7.80% 1


Political Party Percentage Seats
Tories - Parti Conservateur 100% 15


Political Party Percentage Seats
Socialist Workers Party 67.48% 10
Conservative Party of Likatonia 32.52% 5


Political Party Percentage Seats
Lodamese Green Party 31.55% 5
Ecofeudalist-Antinatalist Peasant Party 23.87% 4
National Archreactionary Party 16.53% 2
Liberal Party of Lodamun 15.69% 2
Labor Party of Lodamun 12.35% 2


Political Party Percentage Seats
Bond van Hosian-Socialisten 100% 15


Political Party Percentage Seats
Partido Socialista 100% 15


Political Party Percentage Seats
Partia Koalicji Narodowej 100% 15
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