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4621 CPL Leadership Election
August 4621 4626 →
  HarryFranklin.jpg DianaLilliath.jpg JohnLockard1.jpg
Candidate Harry Franklin Diana Lilliath John Lockard
Party Communist Party of Luthori Communist Party of Luthori Communist Party of Luthori
Popular vote 31,766 25,226 3,441
Percentage 51.05 % 40.54 % 5.53 %

Candidate Ahmed Al-Sissi
Party Communist Party of Luthori
Popular vote 1,792
Percentage 2.88 %

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The 4621 CPL Leadership Election was an election held in August 4621 to elect the next leader of the Communist Party of Luthori.


Jack Lilliath, the previous leader, decided to retire from politics at 77 years old. Its daughter, Diana Lilliath is the nominated candidate for the presidential election, while the party leader has to be elected by the members of the party.


Candidate Political Tendancy Votes %
Harry Franklin Metzism, Communism, Egalitarianism 31,766 51.05
Diana Lilliath Social-democracy, Green politics, Pro-LGBT 25,226 40.54
John Lockard Revolutionary communism, Left-wing populism, Metzism 3,441 5.53
Ahmed Al-Sissi Minority rights, Antiracism, Egalitarianism 1,792 2.88
Total 62,225 100


Harry Franklin declares that he is very happy to be the new president of the CPL. "We need to continue the good work with a stable party and stable coalitions."