4622 Luthorian Parliamentary Election
← 4620 October 4622 4623 →
  First party Second party Third party
  HarryFranklin Reichert in his residence
Leader Harry Franklin Pope Brandon I Franz Reichert
Party Communist Party of Luthori Holy Luthori Church Imperial Citizens Party
Seats won
174 / 600
98 / 600
71 / 600
Seat change Increase 174 Decrease 25 Increase 71
Popular vote 18,834,499 10,758,304 7,703,392
Percentage 28.52 % 16.29 % 11.67 %
Swing New Decrease 4.00 % New
[[Category:Elections in {{{country}}}]]The August 4620 Luthorian Parliamentary Election was an early election held in 4620 with all 601 seats in the Imperial Diet up for election.

Context Edit

The election follows a period of political turmoil, where the official name of the Head of State was changed from "President" to "Imperator" and where modifications have begun to change the name of the country from "Republic of Luthori" to "Holy Luthorian Empire".

The Communist Party of Luthori ran again in the election, as the ban on the party was lifted by the Constitutional Court.

The National Democratic Alliance ceased to exist over an argument between the two factions. The centre-left faction then re-created the Social Democratic Party, while the center-right faction created a new far-right party, the Imperial Citizens Party.

An early election was called after ministers of the Holy Imperial Cabinet II belonging to the HLC and the ICP tried to ban the PGP, impose a State of Emergency and a curfew and arrest politicians of the CPL and the PGP. These actions have been cancelled by the Constitutional Court and the SDP resigned from its cabinet posts after that. The ICP shifted its position and stopped endorsing these actions, also resigning from the Holy Imperial Cabinet II.

As the political situation was tense, an early election was called.

Results Edit

Party Votes % +/- Seats +/-
CPL 18,834,499 28.52 New
174 / 600
Increase 174
HLC 10,758,304 16.29 Decrease 4.00 %
98 / 600
Decrease 25
ICP 7,703,392 11.67 New
71 / 600
Increase 71
PP 7,342,976 11.12 Increase 4.38 %
67 / 600
Increase 29
CR 6,909,607 10.46 Decrease 5.47 %
63 / 600
Decrease 34
SDP 5,097,985 7.72 New
45 / 600
Increase 45
PGP 4,853,579 7.35 Decrease 7.55 %
43 / 600
Decrease 49
WR 4,533,501 6.87 Decrease 5.03 %
40 / 600
Decrease 30

Analysis Edit

The CPL is again the first party, proving it to be unquestionably unavoidable in Luthori.

The far-right or nationalist parties, despite being divided, are still dominant, with almost 50 % of the votes gathered.

Other parties at the center of the political spectrum are not significant, obtaining just above 20 % of the votes.

The HLC and Conservative Right suffer from the creation of the ICP, while the Patriots Party unexpectedly makes a 4 % increase. The CR is relegated at the 5th position, definitely losing its position of strength against the CPL.

The PGP and WR are also suffering heavy losses to the CPL, the PGP making a 39 % decline in the State of Erneshire. The SDP doesn't get as much votes as expected.

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