4641 CPL Leadership Election
← 4636 August 4641 4646 →
  CarolineBaker Alsissi
Candidate Caroline Baker Ahmed Al-Sissi
Party Communist Party of Luthori Communist Party of Luthori
Popular vote 34,496 16,716
Percentage 67.36 % 32.64 %
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The 4641 CPL Leadership Election was an election held in August 4641 to elect the next leader of the Communist Party of Luthori.

Context Edit

Diana Lilliath didn't participate in the election because she said she was "tired of politics". Harry Franklin too, because "it is time to let a new generation lead the CPL".

Results Edit

First Round
Candidate Political Tendancy Votes % +/-
Caroline Baker Communism, metzism, left-wing nationalism 34,496 67.36 Increase 33.95 %
Ahmed Al-Sissi Minority rights, antiracism, egalitarianism, communism 16,716 32.64 Increase 17.18%
Total 51,412 100

Aftermath Edit

Caroline Baker is re-elected as the president of the CPL.

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