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The 4734 Waiting for Election Results (LP) was an event of the Left for Progress Party at March, 4734, at the day of the 4734 Luthorian Parliamentary Election.

This was largest demonstration of the Progress.

Speeches before the Results[]

Before the Results Xander Fletcher, the Communication Director and the candidate for Head of Government of the LP was made a speech.

"Dear 50,000 comrades in this place, and dear million another in other points of this country!

Today, the people of Luthori elect. What is the options of the people? For example the Far-Right Government what restored the exploiter and tyrannical Empire in our country. Or the another option is the traditionally Left what more, absolutely more better than the Far-Right, but sometimes very radical. And the third option is us. The centrist, younger New Left. You my comrades, you want the third option. [...]

Enough from the plague of nationalism! The solution is the openness of the cosmopolitan principles. Enough from the tyranny of the monarchy and nobility! The solution is the greatness star of the Republic. Enough from the destruction of Fascism and Racism! The solution is the tolerance of the Liberal Democracy. Enough from the plague spot of the Radical Violent! The solution is the peace of the pacifism. We have solution for everything! This is our program, this solutions. [...]

Thank you, my comrades, this will be a good night regardless of the results. Because we here and - because we all equals!"

After Xander Fletcher who made the longest speech in the event, Dr. Herbert, the rector of the Clamfeld Republic University spoke to the people.

"Dear Citizens, Dear Colleagues, Dear Students, so Dear Family Members!

Because the Left for Progress is a family what born here, but now conquer the whole country. Today the family was visited home. [...]

Our dead ancestors was the fans of the First Republic of Luthori. The First Restoration was a tragedy for them. They hate Reichert, and they resisted against him. But they believed that once again the time of the Republic will come. And after a century of the First Republic, the Second Republic was ascended. If we believe like them, then the time of the Third Republic will come! [...]"

Speeches after the Results[]