December 4792 Luthorian imperatorial Election
← 4787 17th December 4792 4797 →
  DukeleightonWeston James Kirkland
Candidate Duke Leighton Weston James Kirkland
Party Right Coalition Civic Party
Popular vote 29,387,320 24,715,044
Percentage 54.32% 45.68%
The 4792 Luthorian imperatorial election was an election held in 4792 to elect the next Imperator of the Holy Luthorian Empire. At the same tame, took place the 4792 Luthorian parliamentary election.

Context Edit

The previous parliamentary election saw the right win a majority of seats in the Imperial Diet. However, the parliamentary election was won by the Socialist Party (Luthori) candidate Tom Jones with 2/3 of the votes. The Leighton Weston I Cabinet was formed and composed by the WR, the LCP and received the supply and confidence of the HPL and briefly the LDL.

This cabinet passed reactionary laws and economically liberal reforms. Prostitution, positive discrimination, gender reassignment surgery, homosexual marriage and abortion were banned during the last legislative term of office.

Formation of the Right Coalition Edit

Before the election, the White Rose and the Luthorian Conservative Party formed a coalition to run in the parliamentary election and presented a common candidate in the imperatorial election.

Results Edit

Party Candidate Votes % +/- Votes %
RC Duke Leighton Weston 24,260,995 37.70 New 29,387,320 54.32
CP James Kirkland 9,055,260 14.07 Decrease 7.01 % 24,715,044 45.68
SP Tom Jones 7,597,009 11.80 Decrease 12.33 %
GFU Isaac Nicholson 7,261,802 11.28 Increase 11.23 %
WP Jonathan Martin, Jr. 7,056,270 10.96 Decrease 10.95 %
HPL James Theodore Hillman 5,719,316 8.89 Decrease 17.67 %
LDL Mac Delmore 3,371,608 5.24 New
Total 64,322,260 100 54,102,364 100
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