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5015 Deltarian legislative election

← 5013 9 March 5015 5017 →

All 620 seats
311 seats needed for majority
Turnout82.60% (Increase 7.67 pp)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Ramóna Katona Ludvík Kočka Ignac Stepanek
Seats won
205 / 620
167 / 620
125 / 620
Seat change Increase 170 Decrease 54 Decrease 137
Popular vote 20,450,883 16,471,592 12,639,342
Percentage 33,06% 26.63% 20.43%
Swing +27,58% -10,26% -20,64%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader András Katona
Party SPO A-SF
Seats won
70 / 620
53 / 620
Seat change Decrease 32 New
Popular vote 6,955,885 5,321,908
Percentage 11.24% 8,60%
Swing -5,22% New
5015 Deltarian presidential election

← 5013 2 March 5015 5017 →
Turnout81,85 (Increase 23.44 pp)
  Dvorak.jpg AndrasKatona.png
Candidate Radim Dvořák András Katona
Popular vote 33,725,528 27,532,300
Percentage 54.95% 44.86%

General federal election were held in Deltaria on 2 (presidential) and 9 March 5013 (parliamentary). All 620 members of Federal Chamber were elected, and since no party gain majority, a coalition is expected, and coalition members will become a part of new presidential administration.

This is the third election after Deltaria overthrew a monarchy, and became a federation.


According to the Constitution of the Federation Deltaria, federal elections must take place every 60 months, or 5 years. Article 13(1) of the constitution states that any citizen of Deltaria has the right to vote.

After a year and a half in office, All-Deltarian Cabinet and Dvořák started to investigate the Doron Akigan politicians. Dvořák accused DA politicians in "treason, corruptions and a conspiracy against the federal government".

Political analysts believe the actions could've been politically motivated, with President Dvořák angered over the lack of support for his presidency from the autonomous republic. Some speculation seems to suggest that the SPO is the target of the president, who seeks to undermine its growing influence under Deltarian minorities.

Soon Dvořák declared a martial law in DA, suspending its constitution, disbanding its parliament and government and imposing military rule in the republic until further notice. On the federal level the accusations to the SPO also have ramifications, with the president sacking the cabinet and now having proposed a cabinet without the SPO, which is likely to pass.

The Federal Supreme Court has ruled against the federal government in "Deltaria vs. Doron Akigo". The ruling came one month after Federal President Dvořák had issued martial law in Doron Akigo and suspended its constitution and government.

After those events, SPO and political activists started a impeachment procedure in Federal Chamber. Weeks after, final vote was decided in Chamber, voting 323-297, and thus making Radim Dvořák the first-ever impeached president in Deltarian history. However, the Constitution doesn't ban Presidents from running for office once again, thus making possible for Dvořák to run again in election.


Party Votes % +/- Seats +/-
Sjednocená Demokratická Strana 20,450,883 33,06 +27,58 205 +170
Národně Republikánská Strana 16,471,592 26.63 -10,26 167 -54
Novy Verny Svaz 12,639,342 20.43 -20,64 125 -137
Strana Progresívnych Občanov 6,955,885 11.24 -5,22 70 -32
Aciġēsweardas — Se Folceshēap 5,321,908 8,60 New 53 New
Total 32,912,055 100 - 620 -


Suprisingly, SDS came back to big politics, once again becoming the biggest party in Chamber, and opening the window of opportunities for Dvořák. On the Impeachment Vote Day, both SDS and NVS voted "no" on impeachment, showing the new possible coalition for future. After election, both of parties clamed the majority of seats, thus making a coalition government possible. So, Dvořák did it, proposed a SDS-NVS cabinet, that was approved by 383-237 vote in FC.

SPO Leader András Katona said, that "SPO will stay in oppostion to any government, if SDS is present there".