Autorità Istaliana per lo Spazio e l'Aeronautica
Istalian Authority for Space and Aeronautics
AISA logo
Formed February 4605
Employees 36.000
Subordinate to Government of Istalia
Ministry of Science and Technology
Legal Personality Governmental Agency
Legal Basis Ddl 04/4604- AISA and Space Missions
Profile • Space Exploration
• Satelites Construction and Maintenance
• Aeronautics and Aerospace Research
Headquarters Romula

The Istalian Authority for Space and Aeronautics (AISA) (Istalian: Autorità Istaliana per lo Spazio e l'Aeronautica) is an agency of the Government of Istalia responsible for management of all state-connected activity aimed at exploration of the space, the civilian space programme, as well as aeronautics and aerospace research in the Istalian Empire.


AISA was established in 4605 when the National Assembly of the Istalian Empire approved the Ddl 04/4604- AISA and Space Missions promoted by the Prime Minister Paolo Tarso with which was established the new istalian space agency and the scientific goals to be achieved. The agency took over the responsibilities of previous istalian space agency and other several smaller and more dispersed space-related programs managed by civil and military authorities.

Since its foundation, most Istalian space exploration efforts have been led by AISA which started to develop new launchers and new technologies to pursue the most ambitious goal proposed by Paolo Tarso aimed to send Istalian astronauts on the moon, a goal achieved in 4615 when the Pegaso 5 brought 3 istalian astronauts on the Luna's surface.


AISA's facilities are research, construction and communication centers to help its missions. Paolo Tarso Space Center (formerly Carlo Manerba Space Center) is the main and best-known AISA facilities. It has been the launch site for every Istalian human space flight since 4606 replacing the Selucian base used by istalian space authorities within the join programs of the MASA. From this Space Center the AISA manages and operates manned and unmanned rocket launch facilities for Istalia's civilian space program.

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