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Confederacy of Adhesa Soho'geh
Nionoedzageh Adhesa Soho'geh

Flag Coat of Arms
Flag of Adhesa Soho'geh Confederate Emblem
Location of Adhesa Soho'geh
Location of Adhesa Soho'geh

Yoedza'gehya Dagweni:yo' (Yonyade)
("Pinnacle of this World")

Anthem "Gas'gwa:a' Owe:e'"
(and largest city)
Otgwehda Osde
Language Yonyade
Demonym Adhesan, Adhesa Soho'gehin
Government Liberal Democratic Confederation
  Legislature Confederate Summit
King Hayonhwonhish
Population 13,942,000 
Established March 10 4992 (Independence from Mpakoala)
Currency Adhesan Wampum (ASW) - ₩
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .as

Adhesa Soho’geh, officially the Confederacy of Adhesa Soho’geh, is a sovereign state in the central western area of the North Dovanian Region. It is mainly home to the Yonyade, but has a sizable presence of Keobi as well. Despite it’s head of state title being “King”; they are elected in elections, and Adhesa Soho’geh is not a monarchy.