Lourenne is a unitarian constitutional monarchy. It is divided into Principality (Canrillaise: Principauté) which is used by many nationalist and traditionalist, however it is also commonly called a Region (Canrillaise: Région). It is further divided into Departments (Canrillaise: Départements) which are similar to counties in other administrative systems. The third level of sub-divisions are Arrondissements (Canrillaise: arrondissement) which are similar to districts and further divided into cantons (Canrillaise: canton) which is the most basic level of administrative division.


Principalities are made up of the former 5 largest geographic areas of Lourenne. Titles are awarded to the elected head of each Principality, the civil administration of these principalities are known as "regions" and the President of the Regional Council (Canrillaise: Président du conseil régional) is elected. Whomever is elected, they are awarded the title of "Prince/Princess of" and carry the term during their tenure in office. Regional Councils exercise legislative initiative in regional matters and preside over regional budgets.

  • Principality of Outannais - Region of Outannais (Principauté d'Outannais - Région d'Outannais)
  • Principality of Carolleux - Region of Carolleux (Principauté de Carolleux - Région de Carolleux)
  • Principality of Luçande - Region of Lucande (Principauté de Luçande - Région de Luçande)
  • Principality of Jôviant - Region of Joviant (Principauté de Jôviant - Région de Jôviant)
  • Principality of Louives - Region of Louives (Principauté de Louives - Région de Louives)


Underneath the Principalities/Regions are Departments (Canrillaise: Départements). Departments are lead by Departmental Council's, headed by an elected President of the Departmental Council. Departments have authority over social welfare, local schooling, roads and highways, some transportation. Many government services are administered and managed at the region level of government.

  • Region of Outannais - 20 Departments
  • Region of Carolleux - 17 Departments
  • Region of Lucande - 10 Departments
  • Region of Joviant - 15 Departments
  • Region of Louives - 12 Departments
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