Adrian Bertoni was President of the Cildanian Republic during the periods 2281-84, 2287-96 and again (briefly) in 2314. The major achievements of his Mutualist Party of Cildania administration were the creation of a progressive income tax sytem, the reintroduction of corporate taxation and the devolution of many government functions to the Provinces.

In 2314 he was awarded the Hero of Terra award "For attempting to resolve the Kafuristan-Deltaria conflict on an international level and through democratic and peaceful means".

Poltical Life[edit | edit source]

He first gained a Senate seat in the elections of April 2269, at the young age of 23, the youngest MPC senator to that date. His first candidature for the position of President of the Cildanian Republic was six years later in the April 2275 elections. In the first round of voting he came second with 21.44% of the vote, behind Wolfgang Hayek of the Progressive Alliance the incumbent President, who received 29.69% of the vote. In the second round he lost to President Hayek by over two million votes (46.93% - 53.07%).

He retired from electoral politics at the February 2323 election.

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