Xarfaxian Aedini Familiae
Coat of Arms
Founding 3577
Founder Miriam I of Pontesi
Head of House Septimus Aedinius Baeticus
Primary Titles
  • Dux Pontesiae
Family Palaces Crimson Citadel
Ethnicity Seluco-Pontesians
Religion Religio Seluciana,

Aurorian Patriarchal Church(historically)

The Most Serene Xarfaxian Aedini Familae, Principes of Pontesia and Masters of the Selucian Straits is a Princely house of Pontesi. They are descended from Crimson Crusade-founder Alamar Xarfaxis through his great-granddaughter, Athena Jubilee, and a Barmenian noble and convert to Hosio-Felinism, Aydin Ruh, thus the name Aedinius.