— Principality of Cildania —
Principality Flag
Aheblun flag

Map of Aheblun
Country Cildania
Capital Mort Iskendra
- Prince
- Governing party
- Legislature

Cildanian Phalangist Party
Population 19,979,221 (3647)
Area 203,400 km²

Aheblun (Cildanian: הבל Hebil; Taheblit: ⴰⵀⴻⴱⵍⵓⵏ Aheblun) is the easternmost province of Cildania. The bulk of the Hebileean population resides in the north as the south is dominated by the Iron Mountains and the barron Cadogan Highlands in their rainshadow. Hebil was the last of the five provinces to join Cildania and still retains a unique identity, Qedarites in Hebilon consider themselves Hebiluin rather than Cildanian and speak a distinct dialect while the Afejri nationality and language is Hebilean which confusingly is also the province's demonym regardless of ethnicity. There are a number of Hebilean Independance movements but they are by far in the minority.

The regional capital Mort Iskendra, also known unofficaly as Tagṛṛamt Taskendrit, is the province's largest and most populace city. Mort Iskendra is notable nationally as the longest city as it follows the coast for 12 miles while only straying one and a half miles from the coast at its deepest point, Dacre Hill.

Industry and EconomicsEdit

The province's primary new heavy industries are based around the boom town of Rovolly in the South West, and the Iron Hills in the South East. Rovolly has become the major hub for the country's offshore oil industry, and is home to refineries, pumping stations and pipelines, dominated by the Offshore Industry Limited Company whose logo can be seen all over town. The Iron Hills meanwhile are currently the site of major mining projects concentrating on iron ore and bauxite while the western border mountain coal mining communities have collapsed following the exhaustion of the resource leading to further urbanisation and unemployment issues in the province.

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