Ahmadi-Augustan Wars
Siege Augusta
Ahmadi Siege of Augusta
Date 1234-1401
Location Majatra
Black flag Ahmadi Caliphate

Flag of Turjak Great Empire of Turjak
Tokundian Empire Tokundian Empire

Flag of Augustan Empire Augustan Empire

Tokundian Empire Tokundian Empire

The Ahmadi-Augustan wars were a series of wars between the Ahmadi Empire and Augustan Empire between the 13th and 15th centuries AD that led to the destruction of the Augustan Empire and the rise of the Ahmadi Caliphate. The Ahmadi-Augustan wars began after the death of Prophet Ahmad under the rule of his brother, the first Caliph, who led the invasion of Augustan lands in the Great War of the South as a response to the Empire's persecution of the emerging Ahmadi population among its Turjak subjects. The war resulted in the establishment of the Turjak Sultanate and the near collapse of the Augustan Empire, which nonetheless manage to survive due to the efforts of Emperor Anthony. Conflicts between the two sides continued after the Great War of the South, culminating in the conquest of the remaining Augustan territory between 1353 and 1401, establishing Ahmadi rule over the entire Majatran continent. The Tokundian Empire was a central player in the wars, often switching sides throughout the conflict.

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