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Ahmadi Republic of Barmenistan
Ám'ádsrlji Rekvakns Brmestán

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            Flag                               Coat of Arms

March On, Barmenistan
Capital                     Varishehr
Languages             Brmék, Kathuran language, Selucian
Demonym                Barmenian
Government           Confessional republic
First                           Temrkai Klunesrmko Sarajbék
Grand Vizier
First                           Genzius Shlajkaisrmko Sryca
Legislature             Jezmeclis (Supreme Assembly)
Area                          856,800 km²
Population                 99,761,100
Currency                 Barmenistan (BAR)

The Ahmadi Republic of Barmenistan (Brmék: امادسرلي ركفكنس برمستان Ám'ádsrlji Rekvakns Brmestán) was the official name of a regime controlling areas of Barmenistan in the aftermath of the collapse of the Genzid Caliphate. After the death of Caliph Abdlmecid the nation was plunged into chaos, with rival warlords and militant groups carving their own territories, and the capital finding itself under the rule of a Kathuran minority regime backed by the Apostolic Army in Majatra. Reacting to the chaos in Barmenistan, in 3862 a coalition of democratic political parties and organizations, under the leadership of an Ahmadi Democratic organization, seized power in Varishehr, forming a provisional government known as the Ahmadi Republic of Barmenistan. The Ahmadi Republic however failed in its goal of reunifying the nation and establishing a working government. As part of Selucian assistance in the Pirate War, the Republic was forced to transfer sovereignty over the island of Kathuristan to Selucia, leading to Kathuran nationalist protests against the regime. In mid November 3869 Kathuran activists, led by political leader D'yaequob Eabaa, seized control of the capital and established the Republic of Barmenia.

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