Ahmadi State in Kafuristan
Dawlat al-Ahmadii fi al-Qalb
Foundation3567 (est.)
Split fromAhmadi State in Majatra
MotivesRe-establish Ahmadi Caliphate
Active regionsKafuristan
Southern Majatra
IdeologyRadical Ahmadism (Abadism)

The Ahmadi State in Kafuristan (Majatran: دولة الأحمدي في القلب; tr. Dawlat al-Ahmadii fi al-Qalb) is a splinter group of the Ahmadi State in Majatra, one of the largest terrorist organizations in Majatra. The Ahmadi State in Kafuristan, commonly referred to as ASIK, is an off-shoot of the largely Israist Ahmadi State in Majatra (ASIM). It split with the larger Ahmadi State in Majatra over religious differences, notably the fact that ASIK is Abadi where ASIM is largely Israist.

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