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Aida Bat-Elle
|250px|Aida Bat-Elle]]

Member of the Imperial Diet
Assumed office 

Prime Minister of Luthori
In office
4728 – 4729

Leader of the Common Wealth Party
In office since

Political party
Politician, student

Aida Bat-Elle is a Luthorian politician, leader of the Common Wealth Party and she was the Prime Minister of the Republic of Luthori. The young radical student was elected as party leader of the Common Wealth Party in December 4727 and from October 4728 she was the Prime Minister and led the Bat-Elle I Cabinet until 4730.

Life and careerEdit

Early life

Aida Bat-Elle was born into the family of Kalistan immigrants, who fled from Kalistan, in 4703. The family was very poor and had to deal with racist condemnation and discrimination again and again. In order to improve the finacial situation of the family with two children, the father and mother had to work in factories under cruel and unfair conditions.

When Aida was older, she and her sister Aayala started working in oriental fassfood restaurants to finance the family and their future and studies. She often had to suffer racial discrimination at school and workplace and was often hungry because of the family's financial situation. Aida has long been fascinated by medicine and the changes in the society, which later brought her to politics.

Aida and Aayala borrowed student tuition fees and moved to a student apartment in the suburb of a university and industry where they also studied medicine.

Political career

Radical Left Students

Over time, Aida started to deal with politics. She radicalized herself politically and tried to take political action in her contituency. Because she lived in poverty and among workers and her community, she got radical and socialist ideas and tried to help students and workers socially and financially. She joined the Radical Left Students in 4723 and became an active member. When there was the chair of the RLS, many students nominated her for her political commitment. With a majority she won the position as the leader of the RLS, and in 4725 she became an MP forher constituency. She proved her leadership and radically changed the structure of the RLS. She had increased the membership from 10,000 to 105,000 members, strongly radicalized and converted the RLS as a student club into radical student movement. Even teaching schools and political education were introduced by the RLS and offered to other students, and a fund was set up for all members to help the members if necessary.

In 4727, she was nominated as party leader of the Independent Social Democratic Party by the RLS. Because of her working-class and migrant origin,background, understanding and her radical ideas, she was very popular and was elected leader of the Common Wealth Party with 65.8% in 4727.

Common Wealth Party

Aida Bat-Elle has decided to restructure, change and transform the Independent Social Democrtaic Party into a political union of parties and rade unions. She did so in 4728 when she declared the existence of  the new Common Wealth Party. New regional, independent and other left parties and trade unions have joined in and have radicalized the party significantly. New political goals like radical democracy, socialism and common ownership were adopted. She and your colleagues also wrote Clause I, which officially makes the party a democratic and socialist party.

She became prime minister and leads the cabinet, but the CWP policy is to come in a new cabinet.

She refused to life in Number 10 and instead she lives in a small appartment in Fort William or in her apprtment in her constituency where are still living her friends and her sister. She uses Number 10 only for political reasons.

After the 4729 general election she introduced a constitution of the party.

For the election of 4734 she introduced a very radical manifesto and with this manisfesto she and the CWP fought in the election. Despite the increase of votes and seats, it was not enough for a left-wing majority.

Even if she and CWP wrote an even more radical manifesto for election 4739 and went into the election campaign with new radical ideas, there was a large electoral and seat loss. Even it was enough for a left-wing majority.

In May 4739 she had called for a vote of confidence in her. However, with surprising support of 71.8% of the membership, she had won with a landslide. With the support of her colleagues and members she had decided to better organize the party better and to write the most radical manifesto for the next election.

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