Ajace Aeronautics S.p.A.
Type Subsidiary
Traded as BII: AJC
Industry Aeronautics, Defence, Advanced Technologies
Founded March 4244
Via dei Nomadi, 255 Florenza, Istalia
Key people
Daniele Imposimato (CEO)
Ivano Leonardi-Giordano (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
Products Combat aircrafts, Military support aircrafts, Commercial aircrafts, Airliners
Revenue LIS£522 million (4245)
Net income LIS£39 million (4245)
Total Assets LIS£1.5 billion (4245)
Total equity LIS£9 million (4245)
Owner Leonardi Industrial Group S.p.A. (100%)
Employees ~ 23,000

Ajace Aeronautic is an Istalian company that designs, manufactures, and sells combat aircrafts, military support aircrafts, commercial aircrafts and airliners. The company was founded in 4219 as subsidiary of Leonardi Industrial Group with the name Alaria Al Jazena Aerospace specifically to partecipate to the international program for the development of the F-43 aircraft fighter.
After the conclusion of the program in 4244, Leonardi rebrand the company Ajace Aeronautics: the subsidiary is the official istalian company charged of the productions of the F-43 for the Istalian Armed Forces and for the south hemisphere nations part of the F-43 development program. But Leonardi decided also to move under the new company all its aeronautic dedicated compartment to develop and product alongside the F-43 all the other existent aircraft produced by Leonardi and also new products, like airliners.


Military Aircrafts
Name Type Picture Production Notes
Stealthy air superiority fighter 200px 4244- Info about the F-43
AA T20 Colossus
Multimission Transport Aircraft AA T20 Colossus 4244- Info about the T20 Colossus
Civil Aircrafts
Family Variant Picture Production Seating MAX Notes
Regional airliners
A-60 4244- 52 Info about the A60
A-70 4244- 78 Info about the A70
Short-Medium Range Family
AMJ-200 4294- 100 Info about the AMJ-100
A20SMR 4298- 200 Info about the AMJ-200
A50 Medium-Long Range Family
A50-100 4251- 325 Info about the A50 airliner family
A50-200 4255- 387
A50-300 4257- 440
Cargo Airliners Family
A1000LAL 4250- Info about the A1000
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