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Akigan people
Anglo-Deltarian Ethic Flag.jpg
Akigan ethnic flag
Total population 32 Million (est.)
Regions with significant populations

Deltarianova234354.jpg Deltaria Nova 26m (est.)
New Czarist flag Deltaria.png Deltaria 5m

Language Akigan
Religions Hosianism
Related ethnic groups Dunic Deltarians

The Akigans (Akigan: Aciȝancynn) are a Deltarian people native to Deltaria, closely related to the Doron people, with whom they were mass migrated to Deltaria Nova to work as serfs for the Deltarian nobility. However, Dorons and Akigans have rarely enjoyed good relations. It used to be customary that when a Doron government was in power it pretended the Akigans did not exist, and that Akigan governments would the Dorons as "lesser Dunics". A noted Doron historian who lived during the reign of Valdemar von Barovia and spent a great deal of time investigating their culture listed their national characteristics as "stubbornness, a respect for the mechanical and industry, a strong sense of tribal identity and a strong developed warrior culture", another Doron who severed in the Kampenkrops of the now-defunct Archduchy described them more critically as "blood-crazed, machine-like drones dedicated to the annihilation of all who oppose them".



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