Alaria Trasporti Integrati S.p.A.
Alaria Trasporti Integrati logo
Type Join-Stock Company
Traded as RISE: ATI
Founded 3986
Industry Rail Transport, Shipping
Products Rail and Marittime Transport, Cargo Transit, Ferry Service, Cargo Shipping
Slogan Sea or ground, we are the best!
Key People Antonio Tatti (CEO)
Destinations Istalia
Employees 41.200

Alaria Trasporti Integrati S.p.A. (Luthorian: Alaria Integrated Transportation) is an Istalian transport operator active in the domestic market and abroad among Majatra and Seleya. Alaria Trasporti Integrati is the main company managing the ferry connections between Alaria and the mainland, is the second largest national train operating company, although it dominates the rail transport in Alaria, while its merchant fleet competes with Hasan Aeductus World Shipping in the Sea of Lost Souls for the shipping service with Southern Seleya.

In the second half of 44th century, however, with the increasing Majatran integration promoted by the Majatran Alliance, Alaria Trasporti Integrati began to increase its presence also into the Majatran market.

Its main domestic competitor on the railways market is, instead, NTI - Nuovo Trasporto Istaliano, the largest TOC on the Istalia and the dominant one on the Peninsula.

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