Albrecht Eichmann is the current chairman and founder of the Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei of Dundorf.He was born outside of Dunburg in the Oderveld Provinz of Dundorf and spent his early life after his education as a soldier in the military of Dundorf. During his service Albrecht developed a hatred of communism and the hurt that is had caused Dundorf and its people and from this point was devoted to destroying it. After his time was served in the military Albrecht became a political activist and joined Zentral-Recht Dundorf where he served his party well during its rise to power until the Deltarian crisis in which the Stalinist elements of the Dundorfian government, in a bid for absolute power, participated in allowing Deltarian political elements into the nation, sparking armed resistance from a coalition of rightist and non-Stalinist leftist forces. Through this resistance the coalition was able to prevent a total Stalinist takeover and the conflict quickly drew to a close as the Deltarian elements retreated from the nation. Soon after the end of this conflict Albrecht decided his time in the Zentral-Recht Dundorf come to a close to allow for his establishment of a new National Socialist Party. The party he founded, Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei, remained a political force until the 2360s after a disasterous election forced he and the remaining party leadership to seek exile in Luthori where he remains to this day.

Calls for Extradition to DundorfEdit

Many communists and other resisters to the Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei led government in Dundorf have called for Albrecht, as well as other ranking party members, to be extradited to Dundorf to face trial for what they accuse to be murder and attempted genocide against several groups in the nation under his rule, as well as to face justice for his alleged parts in the supposed concentration camps his administration is rumored to have supported. But through this there has came no official Dundorfian government call for extradition and the nation of Luthori has made no indication of sending Albrecht or any other party officials to be murdered by the communists.

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