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Bridge crossing the Aldegar Canal

The Aldegar Canal (Aldegarian: Kanal-e aldegar.png Kānāl-e Aldegār) is an artificial sea-level waterway in Aldegar that connects the Aldegarian Gulf in the west to the Schismatic Sea in the east. Upon completion in 2403, it provided a direct route of travel for ships between the Anatonese Ocean and the South Ocean. For many centuries it has been an important sea link between Majatra and Dovani.

Spanning 510 kilometres, the canal is located at the narrowest section of the Aldegarian mainland and features three sets of locks to accommodate the difference between sea levels between its two ends. Alongside the Midway Canal in Dovani, it is one of the two longest canals in the world and the most frequently traversed.

Initial construction of the canal began in 2386 and it was officially completed in 2403. For the next millenium it was protected by the Aldegar Canal Security Treaty until the Rastakhiz regime nationalised it on 17 June 3573. At that time all assets of the Aldegar Canal Company were frozen and stockholders were paid the closing price for their shares on that day.[1]

Improvement works (4245-4259)[]

Between 4245 and 4259, the most significant improvement works in the canal's history occurred. Funded by a change to the toll rates charged for usage of the canal, the works included widening its narrower sections and reinforcing a number of structures around the canal's edge.

In order to ensure the plan could be funded, the Aldegarian government provided an initial 355 million ACR for the project's first phase. Despite this, the rest of the capital required was provided by outside firms and governments in exchange for access to the canal's 'special provision' toll rate which cut the cost of a vessel's far by two-thirds.


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