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Aldegarian Apostolic Church
ܥܕܬܐ ܫܠܝܚܝܬܐ ܐܠܕܓܐܪܝܬܐ
Kelisa-ye Rasuli-ye Aldegar.png
TypePatriarchal Hosian
Theistic philosophyMonotheistic, Unitarian
Supreme divinityElyon
Major ProphetsAriel, Elior, Eliyahu
RegionAldegar, diaspora
FounderSt. Aladdin
Founded10th century
RecognitionApostolic Church of the East
Liturgical languageMajatran, Church Cildanian
Liturgical riteAldegarian (OOC: East Syrian/Chaldean) Rite
Members13 million

The Aldegarian Apostolic Church (Church Cildanian: ܥܕܬܐ ܫܠܝܚܝܬܐ ܐܠܕܓܐܪܝܬܐ, Edta Šlīḥāitā Aldegāriṯā; Classical Aldegarian: Kelisa-ye Rasuli-ye Aldegar.png, Kelisā-ye Rasuli-ye Aldegār) is a Hosian church and autocephalous component of the Apostolic Church of the East.

Although it has members throughout the world, it is concentrated in Aldegar where Hosianism first arrived in the tenth century supported by Badaran and Cildanian missionaries and refugees. Although it found favour with the Rostamid dynasty, the AAC has experienced persecution and repression over the past three thousand years. Nevertheless it remains a large religious minority in the country.