Aldegari, Aldegāri
Native speakers62 million  (3572)
Language family
  • Ayran
  • Ezadi
Writing systemAldegarian (OOC Avestan) alphabet
Official status
Official language inAldegar
Language codes
ISO 639-3Ald

Aldegarian (local name Aldegari aldegāri) is the native language of the Aldegarian people. Aldegarian is mostly spoken in Aldegar and in countries that have historically come under Aldegarian influence, such as Tukarali. With ca. 90 million native speakers, Aldegarian is the official language of the Third Republic of Aldegar. Aldegarian has had considerable influence on neighboring languages, and has in its turn been heavily influenced by Majatran, after Hosianism was brought to Aldegar by Badaran missionaries. With a long history stemming from the Ancient Aldegarian language of the Kemokian Empire and the medieval Middle Aldegarian, Aldegarian is one of the oldest living languages of Terra.

Aldegarian sample

Sample text in the Aldegarian language

Aldegarian has a rich literary tradition going back to Antiquity, and is the liturgical language of Yazdism and the Aldegarian Patriarchal Church (ER).

Aldegarian is written in its native Aldegarian alphabet, which derives from the Qedarite alphabet.

OOC NotesEdit

Aldegarian is modern Farsi (Persian), written with the Avestan alphabet. Since Aldegar has never been under Islamic influence in this game, Aldegarian is not written with the Arabic-derived Persian alphabet, and native Persian words are to be preferred to words of Arabic origin. I decided to use the Avestan alphabet instead of the Pahlavi alphabet due to it being less ambiguous, while Pahlavi is an abjad, and thus underrepresents vowels.

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