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Aldegari.png, Aldegāri
Native speakers110 million  (4896)
Language family
Writing systemAldegarian (OOC Avestan) alphabet
Official status
Official language inAldegar
Language codes
ISO 639-3Ald

Aldegarian (Aldegari.png, aldegāri) is an Ezadi language of the Kalkali-Ezadi branch of the Heludic languages. In addition to being the most widely spoken Ezadi language, Aldegarian is among the most widely spoken languages in the world with over 100 million native speakers.

Despite being spoken primarily in Aldegar, the Aldegarian language is pluricentric. In contemporary Aldegarian society, there are two recognised standardised written forms of the language known respectively as Classical Aldegarian and Modern Aldegarian.

Text in the Aldegarian language and script

Classical Aldegarian written in the Aldegarian script is the more traditional and formal form of the language. For this reason it is most common in religious contexts, government matters, the news media or formal education. Classical Aldegarian is also known as Standard Aldegarian.

Modern Aldegarian has numerous differences in vocabulary and pronunciation from the Classical form. In the modern day, Modern is used in almost all spoken contexts (with a notable exception being religious ceremonies). In recognition of its distinctive nature, a written form of the language has been developed that employs a modified version of the Selucian script to make it more accessible as a foreign language internationally.

Aldegarian has had considerable influence on neighboring languages, and has in turn been heavily influenced by Majatran, after Hosianism was brought to Aldegar by Badaran missionaries. With a long history stemming from the Ancient Aldegarian language of the Kemokian Empire and the medieval Middle Aldegarian, Aldegarian is one of the oldest living languages of Terra. Aldegarian has a rich literary tradition going back to antiquity, and is the liturgical language of Yazdism and the Aldegarian Apostolic Church.

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