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The reign of Sarah I of Barmenia (also known as the Alexandrian Regency or, among Nasirists, as the First Reign of Alexander I) refers to a period in the history of Barmenistan between 3877, which denotes the adoption of the first constitution of the Kingdom, to 3899, which denotes the Queen's formal removal from power.

Constitution of 3877[]

The Barmenian Assembly, as part of its aim to keep the spirit of the revolution alive, promulgated a new constitution in 3877; it combined both the the sincere separation of powers and wish for secularity with which previous Kathuran-led Barmenian government's had wrested with the toxic pro-Hosian bent of the Republic and its administration. Indeed, the first order of business given to the new monarch, as outlined in section 2(a), was to " respect the laws, ordinances, and spirit of the first, second , third , and fourth democratic revolutions". In short, the Assembly and their elected monarch had one duty above all else; to balance the religion of the moment with the need to maintain secular government. Within a year, that clause would become a dead letter.

Rise of Alexander and Reformation.[]

The Queen had not reigned a year when, in December of 3878, the Assembly made a radical move; it passed the Barmenian Religious Freedom Act (BRFA) , a bill which took the unprecedented step of literally ordering a sovereign Queen to marry their chosen candidate, and more or less usurped the sovereign's powers, while also empowering and establishing a state church. Yet of the two, King consort Alexander undoubtably came out the most benefited; he was given equal power to his new wife, and was given the additional powers to "grant pardon on laws with religious intent" and decide upon the conviction of laws related to heresy. With these new powers, the King, now a convert to the ecclesiastical movement in the Assembly, would unleash a wave of religious reform now referred to as the "great fever".

The Great Fever[]

Following the passage of the BRFA on the 12th of December of that year, the radical religious revolutionaries within the assembly, called the "enlightened ones" or, collectively, "the repentant", proposed a series of laws which would go on to divide the reformed Church from the rest of Hosianism, and create a supremacy which would last until (by some estimates) 3892.

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