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Alexei Romanovich (born Alexei Romanovich Yemelin, December 11, 4099) is a popular and prominent politician from Trigunia. He was elected as High Chancellor of the Natsional'naya Rabochaya Partiya in June, 4135 with a vote of 89% within the Social Conservative in the Party Council. He held this tile until February, 4141, when he willing resigned. He gave a great speech to the Chancel, stating, "I am resigning so as to allow the younger generation and the future of Trigunia's voices to be heard in the election of a fresh and new leader, to subsequently provide fresh and new leadership and direction for this great party." He remains active within the party's Chancel as the Chancellor of Education and Culture. He gained more prominence during the impeachment trial of Radmila Yanovna Uvarova due to his outspoken dislike of her and his public condemnation of her actions as, "... a vile and obvious example for the mistrust of government and politicians by the working class and a shame to this party and all it stands for."

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Alexei Romanovich

2nd Chancellor of the Natsional'naya Rabochaya Partiya
In office
January, 4153 – August, 4154
Preceded by
Agnessa Borisova

Chairman of the Committee of Ministers of Trigunia
In office
January, 4149 – January, 4153

3rd High Chancellor of the Natsional'naya Rabochaya Partiya
In office
October, 4144 – January, 4149
Preceded by
Agnessa Borisova

1st High Chancellor of the Natsional'naya Rabochaya Partiya
In office
June, 4135 – February, 4141
Preceded by

2nd Chancellor of Education and Culture
In office
February, 4141 – October, 4144
Preceded by
Professor Baroness Lyudmila Rostovtseva

Minister of Education and Culture of Trigunia
In office
June, 4141 – October, 4144

11 December, 4099
Karpalosaari, Trigunia
Political party
Social Conservative (Natsional'naya Rabochaya Partiya)
Anna Romanovna (née Vasilievna), (m. 4124)
Yekaterina Romanovna (b. 4126)

Pyotr Romanovich (b. 4129)
Alma Mater
Foreign Policy Analysis and Research Center

Collegium for Economic and International Studies
High Chancellor of the Natsional'naya Rabochaya Partiya
Apostolic Church of the East