EthnicityAlirlan people
Native speakers2 million  (date missing)
Language family
  • Enetric
  • Selucic
Standard formsStandard Alirlan
Writing systemSelucian
Recognised minority language inAloria
Language codes
ISO 639-3Alr

The Alirlan language (Lingua Alirlano) is a Superseleyan language derived from Selucian and the primary language of the Alirlans, it is also sometimes inaccurately referred to as the Alorian language. It uses the 26 character Selucian writing system with no accents, similar to Luthori.


The Alirlan language developed by the 12th century from Selucian in Western Krentori and Northern Sildar from the Selucian dialect spoken by the Selucians settlers of the colonies established on the north-western shores of Artania. The Alirlan language developed with the development of the Alirlan people as a distinct ethnic group.


Alorian is a Selucian language descended directly from Selucian, and similar to Canrillaise, Istalian and especially to the Egelian.

Geographic distributionEdit

Alorian is spoken primarily in northern Sildar, and historically in western Krentori.

All these areas are referred to by some as "Alirlan Countries" (Alirlan: Campanias Alirlano), a denomination based on cultural affinity and common heritage, that have also had a subsequent political interpretation but no official status.

Number of Alorian speakersEdit

About 2% of Alorians speak Alirlan as a first language


There are two main dialects of Alorian: Western Krentorian and Sildarian.


The first descriptive and normative grammar book of modern Alirlan was written by Pompeu Fabrosi in 1918. In 1995 a new grammar by Antoni M. Margarit was published, which also documents the Krentorian and Sildarian varieties.

The grammar of Alirlan mostly follows the general pattern of Western Selucian languages.


Alirlan names Edit

In Alirlan, surnames are normally written after given names. Names themselves are similar to those of Istalian, Egelian, and Caillean speakers.

Some common Alirlan language surnames include:

  • Abel
  • Abraham
  • Adam(o)
  • Albert(o)
  • Aquino
  • Armando
  • Arroyo
  • Belmonte
  • Bello
  • Busto
  • Campana
  • Campo
  • Crespo
  • Costa
  • Daniel
  • David
  • Felix
  • Fernandes
  • F(i)erro
  • Fontana/Fontane
  • Franco
  • Guerra
  • Lucas
  • Michel
  • Rana
  • Renaldi
  • Rey
  • Romero
  • Sala
  • Paternoster
  • Ventura
  • Vicario
  • Villa


Some useful Alirlan phrases:

  • Alorian: Aloriano
  • Alirlan: Alirlano
  • Luthorian: Luthorese
  • Selucian: Seluciano
  • Metzism, Metzist: metzismo; metzista
  • Socialism: socialismo
  • Communism: communismo
  • Capitalism: capitalismo
  • Conservative: conservatori

Alirlan courses are offered at a number of universities in Seleya and Artania

Examples of political party names in Alirlan would be:

  • Alorian Socialist Workers Party: Partito Socialiste Obrero Aloriano
  • Communist Party: Partito Communiste
  • Conservative Party: Partito Conservatori
  • Democratic Party: Partito Democratic
  • Liberal Party: Partito Liberal
  • Libertarian Party: Partito Libertari
  • Labor Party: Partito del Laboratores
  • Party for Federalism and Freedom: Partito pro Federalismo e Libertate
  • Pirate Party: Partito Pirata
  • Popular Party: Partito Popular
  • Socialist Party: Partito Socialiste

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(OOC: Alirlan is the Interlingua constructed language)

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