Alleanza delle Libertà
Leader Silvio Bernasconi
Founded August 2230
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Milona
Nation Repubblica Istaliana
Ideology Neo-conservative
Political Position Right
International Affiliations
Colours 0099FF
Website [1]

The Alleanza delle Libertà (en: Alliance for Liberties) was an Istalian party founded on august, 2230. With the PSLI, it was the co-founder of the Repubblica Quanzariana, changing the old Soviet Unions with the democratic process. It was in coalition with right-wing parties into the former Fronte di Liberazione Quanzariano until it was dissolved after a corruption scandal about its leaders.

«The fundamental principle of the party is that laws are unable to codify the human essence. The man dreams the liberty, but also he fears its power. The party wants to grant the citizens' freedoms in all sectors, moral as well as economic one. But since any citizen had his responsibility, justice and education are needed. Also faith could be a great freedom.
God given to men a great gift, the life; but also He given to them another one more great: the liberty.»
(AL manifesto)
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