Aloria's Triumph was the national anthem of the Democratic Republic of Aloria, replacing Freedom In Aloria which had been the national anthem for many generations. It was written by Sildar Composer Alex Fabrizio. Fabrizio was a soldier in the Red Army during the Great War(NWO-Alorian War) and wrote this song during the war while he and his unit were stationed over a key NWO supply railway line in the Kurmal Mountains. The rumour is that he penned the last verse of the song as he heard that the NWO had collapsed and Aloria was free.


Not long ago on this land of ours
Dark shapes landed seeking power
Bringing death and destruction
They came to enslave us

A spirit they awoke
in Aloria's heart
To End our Enslavement
To fight the invaders

Independence or Death
Victory, Democracy and Freedom
They never surrendered
To Fascism's might

They fought for the freedom
of all generations
The Liberty of the future
Secured by their blood

The Saiser defeated
Fascism crushed by Alorian hands
Long live Aloria, united and free.
Shining in glory for all men to see.

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