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Major Groups[]

The two major Alorian ethnicities are Latin-Alorians and Anglo-Alorians, two distinct groups with different languages and customs, but that are intertwined by a long standing national unity and other similar characteristics. These people comprise about 75% of Alorians, and have had the greatest effect on Aloria's society at large.


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Relations of the Two Groups[]

Relations between the two groups were originally friendly, as trading and intermarriage between the Holy Alorian Empire of the Latin-Alorians and the inland Duchies of the Anglo-Alorians was a major part of life, but during the Alorian Unification Wars the two groups were mainly split and fought against one another. It wasn't until many years after Aloria was unified that the two groups began to trust each other and friendship resumed. In modern times the two groups have become very close, comprising what many scholars call a Pan-Alorian ethincity, generally consider each other equal, and know each other's language. Since the mid 2600s though, a small amount of Latin-Alorians mainly based in Sildar have formed nationalist groups, inciting riots against those who do not have Selucian ancestry. This has led some Anglo-Alorian owners of small shops in inner-cities to impose anti-Latin segregation, but it has been curbed by backlash recently.

Minority Groups[]

Alorian Indian[]

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Black Alorian[]

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Majatran Alorian[]

Cildanian Alorian[]

Semitic Alorian[]