The Alorian Hosian Church is currently the most powerful Hosian Chruch in Aloria with about 45% of the Alorian population following it's teachings. At the moment, it is the voluntary official church of Aloria, and is considered Luthoran (although is very Patriarchal influenced).

History Edit

The Alorian Hosian Church was founded by Archbishop Arcadius, a rogue Selucian Patriarchal priest, and a group of Yaeti Hosian converts in 1234 AD who disliked the rigid attitude of the Selucian Patriarchal Church and the power of the one Arch-Patriarch. They believed a group of elders, collectively a council, with a head that has limited power should govern church doctrine and open the Hosian Bible to be read by all Alorians. The Church originally was persecuted by Bogists, Yeudis (who were a declining population by then), and other Hosian alike, but in 1322, after the death of Arcadius, the Duke of Gavonshire declared himself to be Alorian Hosian. Soon enough the near entirety of the Alorian ruling class (which had divided Aloria into different, albeit still friendly, sovereign states) was Alorian Hosian and forced it onto the populous.

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