Particracy Wiki
ChairpersonMałgorzata Rytlewska
Secretary-GeneralNicole Dąbrowska
Leader in the SejmWłodzimierz Jabłoński
FounderMałgorzata Rytlewska
Founded8 August 5127
HeadquartersNowogard, Valruzia
Youth wingMłoda Alternatywa
Women's wingKobieca Alternatywa
Membership  (5127)~8,190
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Social democracy
Green politics
Political positionCenter-left to left-wing
Colours     Spring green
Seats in the Sejm
460 / 460
5 / 5

The Alternative (Valruzian: Alternatywa), also known by it's acronym ALT, is a centre-left to left-wing green and currently governing political party in Valruzia founded on 8 August 5127 by Małgorzata Rytlewska, and hundreds activists and journalists, "who are tired of uncertain way Valruzia is taking, and wanting to change that".

Party defines itself as democratic socialist, green, and "committed to save environment and Valruzia". Party fights and advocates for equal rights among valruzian people, such as LGBTQIA+ rights, liberal democracy, secularism. Also, party stands for more peaceful approach towards many things, especially when it's coming to army.


Since the fall of authoritarian communist regime in 5104, human rights organisations, democratic institutions and truthful jounalism became relevant again, as it was their work now to investigate all crimes made by regime of Ludomir Beirut. Party of Revival of Nation came in power after first democratic elections in 5104, however, promised change and revival did not happen. Conservative governments driven Valruzia into deeper hole, isolating Valruzia even further. By the time of fourth PRN term, dissatisfaction with the way Valruzia took, made people protest, and crave for yet another change.

In 5126, famous left-wing columnist Małgorzata Rytlewska in interview for Razem newspaper, confirmed that there are talks among left-wing activists about creating new party, opposite to PRN views and positions. Year later, it was announced that in August 5127 there will be Founding Congress, where Rytlewska will announce creation of party, and it's desire to run in 5128 elections.

Party structure[]

Party consists of Chairperson, Secretary-General and Committee of 15 members, including Chairperson and Secretary-General.

Party chairpersons[]

No. Portrait Name Took office Left office Positions held
1 MałgorzataRytlewska.jpeg Małgorzata Rytlewska 8 August 5127 Incumbent Prime Minister (5129-present)


No. Portrait Name Took office Left office Positions held
1 NicoleDąbrowska.jpg Nicole Dąbrowska 8 August 5129 Incumbent Minister of Environment and Tourism (5129-5141)
Minister of Health and Social Servises (5141-present)

Electoral results[]

Parliamentary elections[]

Election Leader Seats Vote Outcome
5128 Małgorzata Rytlewska
750 / 750
Increase 750 100,00% 11,575,387 100,00% Rytlewska I
460 / 460
Decrease 290 100,00% 12,017,644 100,00% Rytlewska II
460 / 460
Steady 0 100,00% 12,155,463 100,00% Rytlewska III
460 / 460
Steady 0 100,00% 55,046,109 99,94% Rytlewska IV

Presidential elections[]

Election Candidate Vote Outcome
5128 Gaweł Czerwinski 12,207,088 100,00% Czerwinski elected
5132 12,223,580 100,00% Czerwinski re-elected
5136 12,029,378 100,00% Czerwinski re-elected
5140 Włodzimierz Jabłoński 54,260,691 99,89% Jabłoński elected


Party logo
Logo Use Established by
Alternatywa.png 5127-5139 Initial logo
Alternatywalogo2.png 5139-present Małgorzata Rytlewska