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Amekhan Sebek Mikhailo

In office
4493 – 4497
Serving with
National Liberty Front (4493-4495)
END (4495-4497)

In office
4497 – 4505
Serving with
Cabinet Mikhailo (END+ESD)
Cabinet Mikhailo II (END+ESD)

Coburan Ambassador to Rildanor
In office since

21 December 4458
Political party
National Liberty Front (until 4495)
Esinsundu National Democrats

Amekhan Mikhailo is a Coburan politician for the Esinsundu National Democrats.

Mikhailo started his political career in 4493, when he was elected at the age of 35 to be a representative for Sharba's 22nd electoral district. He was elected as a representative for the National Liberty Front, a party that soon faced internal struggles when it entered parliament after the 4493 General Elections. The internal conflicts between its members led to widespread instability of the party, that caused many representatives to leave the party and become an independent representative or join an other party in the House.

In 4495, being sick and tired of the NLF's mismanagement and deplorable electoral forecasts, Mikhailo announced his exit from the party in order to found his own political party, namely the Esinsundu National Democrats. In his opinion, the NFL had caused its own downfall by swinging too much to the left, in which it betrayed its right wing voters, which were now left empty-handed with no 'real' right-wing party to vote for.

Mikhailo became a famous politician after his remarkable move, and in January 4496, more than 20 other former NFL representatives joined the END. His charisma and debate skills were appreciated by the Coburan population in such a way that the END won the 4496 General Elections with gaining a staggering 162 seats, well behind its rival the Esinsundu Social Democrats.

Being the leader of the biggest party in the House, Mikhailo took initiative to negotiate a cabinet formation with the second-largest party, the ESD. After more than a year of negotiations, a cabinet was formed with Mikhailo as head of government and thus Prime Minister of Cobura. He was inaugurated on 17 August 4496 by Emperor Esinsundu Nkosinathi XI.

During his tenure as Prime Minister, Emperor Esinsundu Nkosinathi IX died of the consequences of lung cancer. As PM, Mikhailo was responsible for the coronation of the new Emperor, Nkosinathi's son Amtasi Saksoure. Also, he reformed the healthcare system to a privatised system with mandatory health insurances. Combined with his reductions on corporation- and luxury goods tax this lead to a revival of the economy, that had suffered stagnation in its growth after heavy restrictive legislation was passed during the Prime Ministership of Augusteno Marks.

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