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Amelio Perrelli
Amelio Perrelli

Amelio Perrelli in 4619

Prime Minister of Istalia
Assumed office 
10 May 46929
Preceded by
Camilla Padovano

Minister of Defence
In office
1 July 4621 – June 4626
Preceded by
Simonetta Altissimi

In office since
8 August 4619
Preceded by
Position Estabilished

In office since
April 4621

2 September 4570
Political party
Istalian National Party (4619 - present)

Amelio Perrelli (born 2 September 4570) is an Istalian politician serving as Prime Minister since10 May 4629. He has also been President of the PNI since August 4619 and the Minister of Defence. He been a member of the National Assembly of the Istalian Empire since April 4621.

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