Ananto is a province of Kalistan, seperated from the rest of the country by the Odufarat Sea. It is an island, technically a part of Keris. It is home to the capital and largest city of Kalistan, Kaliburg, and has the largest population of any province.


Ananto 2

Map of Ananto

Ananto is an island located 500 miles offshore, midway between Seleya, Dovani, and Keris. It is kept cool on its western coast by the artic North Seleyan drift, and warmed on the east by the tropical Dovani Stream. Down the center of the Y-shaped island are the Angry Mountains, a chain of volcanic peaks, and the less volcanic Constipated Mountains. The tallest mountain on Ananto is also the most volcanic, the infamous Mount Mother Superior. Along the western shore, towards the south, are the smaller Xanadu Mountains. The western side of the island is cool and fertile, with cold, rainy winters. The eastern side is home to a large, fertile plain. The northern side is a very rocky landscape, suitable mainly for grazing.

The largest city of Ananto is Kaliburg-Port Davon, which is also the provincial and national capital. It is located about halfway up the western shore, where the Zappa River empties into Kali Bay. The second largest city is Luxon, on Luxon Bay at the island's southern tip. Other large cities are Dahriel, in the east, Dulnerstaad, in the northwest, Eveari, in the north, and Xanadu, in the Alph Valley between Kaliburg and Luxon.


Ananto is its own administrative province, which is subdivided into 64 counties (see Counties of Ananto). Seperate from the province is the Kaliburg-Port Davon Federal District, which is still in the counties, but not administered by county governments.

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