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Anarchist Workers' Union
Party Leader
North Vrassa, Norsatavan
Student Wing
Student Anarchists Union
Youth Wing
Young Anarchists of the World
International Affiliation
Official Color
Political Position
Economic Left/Right: -10.0 Social Left/Right: -8.26

The Anarchist Workers' Union is a radical libertarian leftist political party in Lodamun. It was founded by followers of Bernard Warren, former Democratic Socialist Party of Lodamun chairman and MP, and Anarcho-Warrenism. The AWU is extremely anti-nationalist, anti-capitalist, and anti-authoritarian. It advocates workers' control of the means of production and distribution, complete equality of every human, and autonomy from oppressive hierarchical relations with the state. It believes the state should be minimized to a purely military force for protection, and that local decisions should be made by a direct democratic vote of a Congress of the working people of that locality.

There is no chairman of the AWU, strictly believing that all hierarchical relationship are authoritarian. However, every AWU Congress chooses a new spokesperson for the Party.


The AWU believes all hierarchical relations are oppressive and authoritarian, so members of the AWU vote on all decisions at the AWU Congress. That is also when they chose the party spokesperson for the Presidium.

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