Anarchy For Everyone (Kalopian: Αναρχία για Όλους transl. Anarchía gia Ólous) is an anarchist party in Kalopia formed by Vasso Evdokia in November 4376 with the purpose of establishing an anarcho-communist society in Kalopia. It was dissolved in March 4385 when Vasso Edvokia died, the party couldn't recover their stability and stay in the Parliament.

With the help of the International Anarchist Action Network, they organised the first anarchist meeting un February 4378 in al-Najd.

Ideology and Proposals Edit

The party's main ideology is anarchism. It proposes:

  • End with nationalism, meaning that everyone could and would consider themselves part of a country if they want, they even accept multiple citizenship.
  • Abolish Government and authority, this means no wars, no law enforcements, no military.
  • Keep the environment clean of nuclear and chemical components.
  • Support equality in all aspects of life.
  • Stop capitalism
  • Religions would have no place in Kalopia under an anarchy.
  • Professional prostitution must be illegal
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