Administrative status
Mayor Peter Raschke (HDV)
Founded 1511
Population {{{population}}}
Region Kuratha
Nation Hulstria and Gao-Soto

The City of Anderinch is a city in the Hulstrian Crownland of Kuratha and the capital of that Crownland. Founded in 1511 by Hulstrian colonists near the western coast of the Crownland, Anderinch became a wealthy trading town that rose to prominence due to its location by a small river connecting it to the sea. From Hulstrian independence, the Dukes of Anderinch have nominally held rule over the city, sharing power with its town council. It is also noted for being the place of work of the famed baroque composer Johann Emmanuel Visp, who worked as city cantor in the early 18th century, and the place where his famous St. Joseph Exile and St. Theodore Exile were first performed. During much of this history, the city council eclipsed the duchy in wealth and asserted control over the city.

Anderinch has, in terms of population and economic prosperity, been eclipsed by the natural port of Marchau to the south. In recent years, it has seen a revival of the tourist industry, with the city council making great efforts to renovate and protect its historic city centre, which was featured in Crownlander Tourism's "Visit Hulstria and Gao-Soto" campaign as on of 5 essential city-trips.

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