Anna Katharina

Empress of Hulstria

Countess of Kremfurt

Anna Katharina
Spouse Alexander I
Titles and Styles
  • HIM the Empress of Hulstria
  • HRH the Countess of Kremfurt
Date of Birth August 11th, 2742
Date of Death March 11th, 2825
Imperial Dynasty House of Halvorson

Her Imperial Majesty Empress Anna of Hulstria, Countess of Kremfurt (b. August 11th, 2742, in Kremfurt, Kuratha- d. March 11th, 2825) was the wife of the Emperor of Hulstria Alexander I and mother of Emperor Godric II; Anna was the daughter of Count Peter Katharina of Kremfurt from the House of Halvorson and Maria Dagsburg. Upon her father's death, she became the Countess of Kremfurt and when Alexander I was coronated became the Empress of Hulstria.

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